In this Help Article you will learn how to connect a Boca Printer to a TicketSpice page.

Boca Printer Information

What You’ll Need

  • A Boca Lemur - S printer here (we are only compatible with this printer).

  • USB B Cord

  • Computer with USB port

  • Google Chrome Internet Browser (only compatible via Chrome)

  • Ticket Paper (see link above)

  • A TicketSpice Page (this is compatible with Reserved Seating and Box Office as well)

  • Complete the Beta Request Form to turn on Reserved Seating and BOCA printer in your account. Click here to do that.

Setup The Boca Printer

  • Follow the set up instructions via the Boca printer manual to set up and add your ticketing paper into the printer.

  • Turn on printer and connect it to your computer using a USB B cord

  • Open up Google Chrome

  • Login to TicketSpice

  • Go to the Ticketing page that you want to print tickets for.

Setup in TicketSpice

Select Onsite and then select Onsite Printing:

Select Boca Ticket Printer

You'll need to start by Customizing your ticket. You will see six options to customize on your ticket:

  1. Title

  2. Name

  3. Line 1

  4. Line 2

  5. Line 3

  6. Barcode

Select the blue icons to customize the fields you are pulling from your event page.

You customize each line by hovering over the Blue Icon and then selecting the field you want on that line. You can add multiple fields to each line, simply select another field to that line. Here's an example of what it looks like:

Please Note: when you do this, the text might extend beyond the ticket. You’ll want to test it out to make sure it doesn’t do that so it’s legible for check in.


This is a Glossary of all the fields you can add to your printed ticket.



Ticket ID


Ticket Level




Currency Code




Sold Date


Date Completed


Page Name


Event Selection


Date Selection


Timeslot Selection


Reserved Seating Price Point


Entry Scans


Total Scans


First Scan Date


Last Scan Date


Last Scan Device


Billing Name (First Name)


Billing Name (Last Name)


Billing Organization Name


Billing Address (Address 1)


Billing Address (Address 2)


Billing Address (City)


Billing Address (State/Province)


Billing Address (Country)


Billing Address (Postal Code)


Billing Email Address


Billing Email Optin


Billing Phone Number


Order ID


Order Number




Metadata (key:value)


Originating Source


Print Two Ways

There are two ways to using the Boca Printer in TicketSpice:

  1. Print from the Order Menu

  2. Print from the Page when an order is submitted or

Print Tickets From The Order Menu

Select Allow “Print” from Report Details Pages

Save and Publish Your Changes

Exit Out of the Page

Select Orders

Search the Name of the person you want to print

Find the Ticket You Want To Print and Select Details

Select Print

And voila, you've printed your Ticket!

Please Note: you will only be able to print tickets from the page that you’ve enabled the Boca Printer under the Onsite settings.

This is what it will look like if enabled:

And this is what it looks like if it’s not enabled:

Print From The Page When An Order is Submitted

You will customize the ticket like you did above.

Then select Launch Form with this Printer

Select Yes when the system asks you if want to connect the printer

Select Your Printer and Select Connect

Now anytime someone purchases a ticket from that page, a Ticket will print!

Sample Ticket

Check In App

Our check-in app uses the Ticket ID to scan tickets in. So you’ll want to use that as the Barcode data. Click here Here’s a fun Help Article on how to set up the app.

Reserved Seating

The info above can also be used on our Reserved Seating page. Here's how to build a Reserved Seating Venue here to get you started.

Testing Your Lemur Printer

Boca Systems, Inc. has documentation on how to test your Boca Printer.


Click here for Boca's instructions to test on a Windows device. Allow connection via Ethernet/ Wi-Fi, Parallel, Serial, USB-HID interfaces and print driver connection


Click here for Boca's instructions to test on a Mac device. Allows Ethernet/Wi-Fi, USB-HID interfaces or print driver connection.


Click here for Boca's instructions to test on an iPad. Allows Bluetooth and Ethernet/Wi-Fi interfaces connection.


Click here for Boca's instructions to test on an Android. Allows Bluetooth, Ethernet/Wi-Fi and USB interface connection.

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