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Sell Tickets + Merchandise Onsite (Box Office)
Sell tickets on-site at your event using the Box Office app
Sell tickets on-site at your event using the Box Office app

Download the Box Office app on your iPad or iPhone to sell tickets on-site

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The Box Office App allows you to sell tickets and merchandise onsite at your event. 

Here are some things you should know before you get started...

  • The app is available for iPads or iPhones (IOS 15 or higher with a lightning port) 

  •  MUST be linked to WIFI service in order to get full functionality.

  • Capturing an email address at checkout is optional. But if you choose not to, you will be unable to issue refunds through our system later. 

  • In order to sell merchandise, you must also select a ticket level in order to checkout.

  • This is compatible with all of our payment processors. If you use a processor other than WePay, just be sure to disable the address verification requirements inside your processor.*

  • Zip Code (optional): This section can only be used for a United States zip code. If you are outside of the United States, please skip this section.

    *Note: If you're using Paya, you won't be able to set the Box Office to zip code only. Paya requires a full address to allow payments to go through. 


Where can I get the app?

You can download the app here or search the App Store for TicketSpice Box Office 2.0.

Card Swiper Best Practices

A charge card swiper will be necessary. You can rent card swipers from TicketSpice that are specifically designed to be used with TicketSpice's Box Office app.

  • Swipers must be requested 15 business days prior to your event.

  • Submit the form as early as possible so it can be reserved for your event date. Our shipping business hours are 9 am-5 pm PST, Monday through Friday.

  • Swiper plugs into the iPad's lightning port.

  • iPad must be using iOS 13 or higher

  • Customer shall pay for shipping

  • Pricing may vary based on how many swipers are being rented

  • For international shipping, we will provide you with a quote and charge your card for the additional cost

Can I purchase swipers from TicketSpice?

Yes, you can purchase compatible swiper devices from TicketSpice at the Purchase Form.

Is the Box Office App compatible with other swipers besides the one TicketSpice rents?

Yes, the TicketSpice box office app is compatible with Square brand hardware. We support the lightning port Magstripe Swiper or Bluetooth Square reader.

Where can I rent iPads?

iPads can be rented through our partner Choose2Rent by clicking here.

Can I print tickets at the time of purchase?

Yes, the Box Off App is compatible with the Star Micronics TSP 143 printer. They can be rented through our partner Choose2Rent by clicking here.

You can print paper tickets with a QR code to check the ticketholder into the event through the TicketSpice Check-in App. Click here for more info.

What is the cost of using the Box Office App?

Pricing is $0.49/ticket on card transactions. Cash transactions have no ticket fee.

In what countries can I use the Box Office?

Currently, the Box Office can only be used with United States addresses.

What if my onsite pricing is different than my online pricing?

You can set up Box Office pricing at each ticket level, with or without processing fees. 

Will actions on my page work apply to the Box Office App?

Price change actions will apply to the Box Office App. Show/Hide actions will not.
The page fields can be skipped when using the app.

Can TicketSpice end the session for us?

No, the session can only be ended on the device that has the session open. There is no way for us to end the session remotely from our end.

Does the reporting data show merchandise?

When selling Merchandise through the Box Office app, the reporting data will not show on the Box Office export. You can find merchandise sale data through the order report.

Emailed tickets through the app, when does the attendee receive their tickets?

When entering an email on the Box Office app, the customer will receive an email containing the tickets within 5-10 seconds.

Delays can happen when the WiFi or Phone connection is weak. If the email is not showing up after a minute check the SPAM folder and search for the sending email, ""

If I use a Square swiper with the Box Office app, can I choose which payment processor the transactions will go through or does it have to process through Square?

When you use a Square swiper, the transactions will exclusively process through the Square processor on the Box Office app. You are unable to use a Square swiper with a different payment processor.


Payment is not processing:

  • Check that you are connected to Wifi

  • Knowing the decline error message will help determine if the error is with the TicketSpice system or an issue with the payment processor.

  • Disable Payments must be turned off to accept payments.

  • Pre-Registration Payment Method must be turned off to accept payments.

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