Using Square Hardware with the Box Office App
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Need to Know:

  • You must have a Square Payment Processor to process Square payments through

  • When you login into your Square Account on the Box Office App, the app will prompt you to enable certain permissions (Bluetooth, Microphone, and Location). You must enable these to process payments through Square.

  • We support the lightning port Magstripe Swiper or Bluetooth Square reader.

  • Must have IOS 15 or higher on your iPad.

To Use the App


First, log in to your Box Office App

  • Name your Device

  • Enter your Zip Code

  • Enter the App Token from your Published Ticketing Page.

Enter the Cashier’s Name and Starting Cash Amount.

This is for your Box Office reporting allowing you to track cash and card transactions during various sessions by the cashier's name.

When logged in, click on the top left hamburger icon:

Click on Settings

Your Settings Screen shows which devices are connected.

  • To connect printers, you will first need to connect them via Bluetooth in the iPad Settings. You will then see them as “Connected” here.

  • For the Magteck Swiper, the app will automatically detect if it is connected and show it is connected here.

  • For Square Swipers, you will need to click "Connect" to log in and connect your Square account before it can pick up a reader.

  • Your Square swiper must be disconnected from the Square app to function in this app.

Tap “Connect” to log in to your Square Account.

Accept the prompted Square permissions to be able to then log in to your Square account.

Note: All 3 permissions need to be enabled for you to Checkout with Square.

Once accepted, you will be prompted to log in to your Square Account using your Login credentials.

After successfully logging in, we will ask which location you want to use.

Your locations are set up within your Square Account.

The app will review your card readers:

  • Magstripe Swipers: Be sure your Stripe Magstripe Swiper is plugged in.
    We will automatically detect if it is connected. It will appear here as “Ready” when it is connected. This can take up to a minute.

  • Bluetooth Card Readers: Tap “Connect a Reader” and walk through the prompts to connect your Bluetooth Reader.

When successful, you will see a green check mark on the Square line. You’re ready to make money!

Swiping Cards Using Square

After adding tickets to purchase, click “Card” to pay with a debit or credit card.

Tap “Checkout with Square”

This launches your square account to process the payment securely in Square.

Swipe the Card through your Square Card Reader

If successful, you will be taken to Square’s receipt page

Clicking any button will then take you back to Ticketspice Confirmation Screen to send or print tickets.

Click New Sale to Create a New Sale.


I am clicking “Checkout with Square” but am getting an error message.

We show this error message if you have not enabled all permissions:

You will need to go to your Ipad Settings > Scroll down to the Box Office App > ensure all permissions are enabled.

Disconnect the Square reader from the Square App. The device can only be connected to one app at a time.

Error Message

Message: Point of Sale failed to pair with your reader for contactless and chip. Please try pairing again.
Solution: Disconnect the Square reader from the Square App. The device can only be connected to one app at a time.

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