If you are unsure if your event is going to happen due to Covid-19, you can use this feature to capture orders and payment information while not charging the order amount until you've confirmed the event is for sure happening.

Feature Pricing: $0.99/pre-registration. You will be asked to put a credit/debit card on file (if you haven't already). That card will be charged once every 30 days for the number of people who pre-register during that timeframe.

In this help article we will go over:

  • Setup

  • Reporting

  • Declines


Edit the Payment Method field by selecting the pencil icon.

Note - You can add this feature to a pre-existing page.

Toggle Pre Registration to 'on' and Toggle Credit Card 'off'.

This allows all registrants to register and fill out payment information without being charged anything today. We are only Pre-Authorizing the card to ensure it's valid. Leaving Credit Card on will charge the registration amount if they select it.

Optional: You can customize the label and instructions for Pre Registration.

To customize the instructions, go to the Page Settings -> Pre Registration

Note: If you end up disabling the Pre-Registration under Settings, you will also need to change the settings in the billing section to allow credit cards to process.

The instructions will display at the end of the billing section of the page as well as the top of the confirmation page & email:

Confirmation Page & Email:


When a registration is pre-registered, it puts the order in a pre registered state until you complete them.

Note: Pre-registered orders do not count towards event's revenue until approved (completed). They also cannot be checked in with the Check In App until they have completed status.

The registration status will say Pre Registered in reporting.

Under the Pre Registration Tab, you can complete individual orders or select multiple to mass charge your pre-registrant list:

Note: This table shows the biller name, registrant count within the order, and the ability to complete the order. Soon you will be able to complete multiple orders at once.

Once done, the registrant will receive a completed status and a confirmation with a scannable QR code.


If the order declines due to expiration or any reason, the biller will be sent an email to update their card information. You will also see the 'charge' button turn to 'update card' in case the biller wants to call in to update their card. Once the payment is updated, if it's valid, we will automatically complete the order.

Note: This feature is not available for pages processing in CAD, GBP, or Euros.

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