In this Help Article, we will outline how to you get paid using TicketSpice.

The Gateway Process

The process is pretty simple: we're a Ticketing software that works in conjunction with the Payment Gateway that actually process the payment.

Our fees are 0.99 per ticket to TicketSpice and 2.99% to the Payment Gateway should you use our in-house Payment Gateway and the fees are removed as they are processed via the Payment Gateway and then the remaining amount is settled into a bank account that you designate.

The Payment Gateway is the connection point between our software and your bank, and they deposit your money into you account. When setting up a Gateway, you have to verify your information for approval.

Here's some great Help Articles on Payment Gateways:

What Is A Gateway
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Verifying A Gateway

Compatible Gateways

Our in-house Payment Gateway is WePay also known as Webconnex Payments, but we work with other or "Custom Gateways" as well. Click here to get more information on who we with work with.

Please note: that our custom gateways have a 1% Custom Gateway fee.

Passing Along Fees / Dynamic Fee Calculator

With TicketSpice, there are many ways to collect fees from your attendees either by adding a Convenience Fee to your page or using our Dynamic Fee Calculator. Convenience Fees are customizable ways you can add fees to your ticketing page and the Dynamic Fee Calculator* automatically increases the prices on your ticketing page so that you receive the face value of your ticket.

Click here to learn about Convenience Fees and the Dynamic Fee Calculator.

*Please note: the Dynamic Fee Calculator is only compatible with our In-house Payment Gateway, WePay.

Can You Work With International Currencies?

We are able to process a select list of International currencies via the Payment Gateway Stripe. Click here for more information.

Why Are You Asking For A Card on File?

Our system will prompt a card on file if you have Offline Payments or you have the Communication Center enabled. These are all features that will need to be invoiced monthly for by way of a credit card on file.

How Can I See My Deposits?

If you are using our In-House Payment Gateway WePay, you can see your Deposits three places:

If you use our In-House Payment Gateway WePay, you can see your Fees the following places:

Using a Custom Gateway? Select your Gateway below for their Deposit Reports:

If you're unsure which gateway is the right gateway for you, we've provided more information for you here.

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