Set up your ticket levels

Create, edit, and delete ticket levels for your event including restricting limits, setting pricing, and managing fees

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You can use the TicketSpice page builder to set up custom tickets with specific ticket questions. This article will cover... 

  • Editing Ticket Information

  • Adding Ticket Questions

Editing Ticket Information

To begin set up, select Edit Ticket Information at the top of the builder. 

This menu allows you to create ticket levels. At the top, you will see the options to select your Event Type and if needed, setting an Event Capacity

Customize your tickets by typing in the specifics for your event. 


This is the label of the ticket type. Some common examples would be General Admission, VIP, Student, Adult, Senior, Early Bird, etc. 


Use this space to describe what is included with this ticket purchase, customers will be able to read this prior to checking out. 


This is the price per ticket. Our system will automatically calculate the total based on how many the customers select. 


This is an optional way to cover the software cost, you can set the fee to be a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the ticket price. Select the trash can icon to remove the fee off the page or the plus icon to add additional fees. 

Note: The TicketSpice fee is $0.99/ticket. You will also have processing fees through your payment processor. If you use our in-house payment processor (Webconnex Payments hosted by WePay), that fee is 2.99% off the total. 

We set that fee at 6% as the standard, but you can increase or decrease that fee depending on your goals. It's totally up to you! 

Box Office Pricing

If you are using our Box Office App for onsite sales, this space allows you to set custom pricing for sales ran through the app. This space can be left blank and/or customized later. 


This is another Box Office App setting. You can choose where this ticket level is visible for sales - everywhere, online only, or Box Office only. 


This is the number of tickets a customer can select at one time. The default in our system is 1-25 tickets. You can set a custom range (for example: 1-10) or a single number (for example: 4). A common use case would be a package deal, where selecting a set number of tickets is a requirement. 

Limited Supply

You can use this to set a capacity that is specific to a ticket level. To better understand the way TicketSpice capacity works, check out this tutorial. 

Adding Ticket Questions

Ticket Questions collect data for each ticket selected. To begin set up, select the Add A Question button for each ticket level. 

Or if you already have a field on the ticket type, hover and select the plus icon to add a question. 

You will have access to our full menu of field options. Select and customize to capture individual ticket data.

On the live page, each ticket question will populate based on the number of tickets selected. 

In the example below, I am collecting a name. When I select 3 tickets, I am asked for 3 names - one per ticket selected. 

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