Does TicketSpice work in Canada?

TicketSpice is one of the most loved ticketing companies in Canada

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While TicketSpice is based in the US, our northern neighbors love TicketSpice for its easy of use and affordable pricing. Create event pages and sell tickets in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and process payment with Wepay, our preferred payment processing partner, and get payouts in CAD direct deposited into your Canadian bank account.

What is TicketSpice's Pricing for Canada?

One of the best reasons TicketSpice is loved in Canada is because our pricing is $0.99 CAD per paid ticket when using Wepay, our integrated payment processor. For tickets $5 CAD or less, the TicketSpice pricing drops to $0.49 CAD as well. All TicketSpice fees get deducted before your payouts occur. If you choose to use a third party payment processor, you will be billed with a credit card on file and the ticketing fees will be $0.99 USD per paid ticket.

What is the Payment Processing Fee in Canada?

Our preferred payment processor Wepay charges 2.99% flat for all credit card transactions and is deeply integrated with the TicketSpice platform. Our TicketSpice fees get collected and deducted at the same time the payment processing fee is withheld prior to direct deposit. When using a separate payment processor than Wepay in Canada, you pay your payment processing fees assessed by that provider and pay an additional 1% transaction fee with TicketSpice that is collected monthly with the ticketing fees.

How Do Payouts Work in Canada?

You can receive your payouts in Canada with Wepay via direct deposit to your bank account and can choose either daily, weekly, or monthly. The most common selection is weekly as it makes for easier bookkeeping and is more accommodating for when you make downgrades to tickets or issue refunds as the refunds due can be deducted from revenue that is awaiting to be paid out to your bank account. If you do not have any funds awaiting transfer to offset any refunds, your bank account will be debited for the amount to cover the refunds.

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