Note: You must be using Stripe to process in international currencies. The only exception is CAD, which is available on Webconnex Payments (WePay). 

Which currencies can I process with this software?

USD: United States Dollar

CAD: Canadian Dollar

AUD: Australian Dollar

CHF: Swiss Franc

CNY: Chinese Yuan

EURO: European Union

GBP: British Pound

JPY: Japanese Yen

MXN: Mexican Peso

NZD: New Zealand Dollar

SGD: Singapore Dollar

BRL: Brazilian Real

NOK: Norwegian Krone

SEK: Swedish Krona

Can I accept international payments if I'm processing in USD?

Yes, you can accept transactions from all over the world on any gateway. 

Will processing in another currency eliminate any of the features?

We don't offer the deposit option for the following currencies because they require the CVV (which we don't store) - GBP, EURO

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