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A virtual event allows your attendees to pay and attend your event completely online. If your event is prevented from gathering in person due to COVID-19 or if you'd like to expand your reach by offering an online option, this is a great option for you.

If you're looking to convert an existing event that's already hosted on a TicketSpice page, you can do so by following these steps. Or if you're brand new, this article will walk you through the process from set up to going live.

This article includes -

  • A Video Demo

  • The Steps To Build Your Ticketing Page

  • How To Format Your Virtual Content

Video Demo

Building Your Ticketing Page 

Begin by selecting New Page

Select Virtual as your event type.

Choose Get Started to select that template to build from or choose Preview Demo Page to take a look through the template before getting started.

Don't worry! This can all be updated or changed later.

Finally, use the Page Builder to format your ticketing options.

You can also add breakout sessions, merchandise sales, collect donations, and much more. Building your page is covered in detail here, but I have also linked up some helpful tutorials below to get you started.

Formatting Your Virtual Content

When your page design is complete and your ticket levels have been added, you're ready to format your Virtual Content.

All of these settings live under the Virtual Event dropdown in your page builder.

Choose if you'd like to allow your attendees to view your virtual content at the time they choose a ticket or on a specific date and time.

If you select Specific Date Access, use the Livestream/Meeting tab to format your content. For Instant Access, use the On Demand Viewing tab to format your content.

When adding content, you can format it as a link or an embed code.

The link displays as a button that opens the content in a new tab. The embed code will display the content for the attendees to view on the Virtual Event page.

Select Add Another Session to add additional virtual content. Repeat as needed.

You can also add materials for download under the Downloads tab.

This is great for schedules, handouts, or any other resource that attendees would find useful.

All of the virtual content can be customized for viewing based on the date/time or the attendee's selection.

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