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Host An Online Meeting With TicketSpice Live
Host An Online Meeting With TicketSpice Live

TicketSpice Live

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Hosting a virtual meeting with TicketSpice doesn't require the use of an outside streaming provider, everything you need is within TicketSpice. This feature is perfect for breakout sessions, panel discussions, or meet-and-greets. Let's start by giving you the details of the TicketSpice Live platform.

πŸ‘‰ TicketSpice Live has a fee of $1 per hour, per attendee. It will require a card on file, if you don't already have one.

Included With This Feature -

  • Meetings up to 600 guests

  • Meetings up to 3 hours

  • Up to 6 hosts on stage at once (with the ability to switch out additional hosts during the meeting)

  • Controls to moderate the meeting

  • Live chat

  • Q&A channel

  • A Host-Only channel for internal communication

  • Options to promote guests to stage

  • Limited access (for registered attendees only)

  • No plugins or external applications required

Current Supporter Browsers:

  • Desktop - Chrome & Firefox

  • IOS Devices - Safari

  • Android - Samsung Browser & Chrome



A host is someone who is invited to lead the session. Hosts have special permissions to promote guests to stage, remove a guest offstage, ban a guest from the chat, unmute guests, share screens with the audience, and chat with each other privately. The first six hosts will join the stage automatically. However, a host can remove themselves offstage if needed.


A guest can see the hosts on stage but does not have mic/camera permissions until a host invites them to stage. When leaving the stage, their mic/camera will turn off automatically.

Set Up

Select the Livestream/Meeting tab and create a session. Then select TicketSpice Live as the source.

Set the Start Date / Time of your meeting and select how long you want your meeting to last.

You also have the option to restrict access to the meeting based on the ticket selected by the attendee.

Here are some things to know about your settings:

  • Once the meeting has started, you cannot change the duration of the meeting.
    We suggest giving yourself extra buffer time before or after your meeting.

  • At the time your meeting is set to close, we provide 15 extra minutes to wrap things up. You will see a countdown timer to notify you.

Launch Your Meeting

To start your meeting, you'll want to first add yourself as a host. From there, you can launch the meeting by selecting the access link (pictured below).

Here is an example of how the meeting will appear to you as the host.

To learn more about the meeting experience as a host or a guest, click here. To learn more about the event from an attendee's perspective, click here.


Am I only charged for those who attend the meeting?

No, the charge is $1 for each attendee who signed up for the meeting.

What if I have a meeting that is 1.5 hrs?

If the meeting is scheduled for a portion of an hour, the charge is for the entire hour.

For example:

  • 1 hr meeting = $1 per attendee

  • 1.5 hr meeting = $2 per attendee

  • 2 hr meeting = $2 per attendee

Can I record the meeting?

Currently, a recording cannot be started while the meeting is taking place.

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