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A Virtual Event From An Attendee's Perspective
A Virtual Event From An Attendee's Perspective
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Before you open your page, it can be helpful to see the Virtual Event the way your customer would see it. This article will cover the ticketing process, accessing online content, and attending a TicketSpice Hosted Meeting from the perspective of the attendee.

The Ticketing Process

The attendee will begin by making their selections on your TicketSpice page (like this one, for example) and paying.

After they pay, they will be taken to a confirmation page. They will also receive a confirmation email with a summary of their order.

Accessing Online Content

If the content is formatted to be available at the time of purchase, the attendee can view the online content right away.

If the content is a livestream (happening on a specific date / time), the attendee will be notified of the start time.

If you have any resources available, the attendee will see a tab where they will be available for download.

If the customer wants to return to the virtual event, they have two options to do so.

Option #2 - They can return to the ticketing page and plug in their access code.

πŸ‘‰ The access codes are limited to one IP address at a time. This will prevent the customer from sharing their access link or access codes with anyone else.

Attending a TicketSpice Hosted Meeting

If you're using Hosted Meetings, here is how the attendee can join in.

Leading up to the event, the attendee will be notified of the start time of the meeting.

Once the event begins, the registrant can enter their name and join the meeting.

Upon joining, they will see...

  • A stage with up to 6 presenters and/or shared content (slideshows, images, etc)

  • A livechat for interactions with other attendees

  • A Q&A channel to ask questions

  • A list of hosts and other guests in attendance

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