You can easily sell tickets to live stream sessions or pre-recorded webinars to your audience.

Once built, you can share a link and people can purchase tickets for your webinar. Their confirmation page & email will contain their access link to get into your Virtual Training Page and access the content. 

Building Your Ticketing Page 

Start by creating a new page to take people's information & payment:

Select your Event Type as "Digital" and fill out the other needed info to continue: 

Follow the steps to customize the specifics for your event, add your logo, and choose your theme. You can use the builder to set up all your specific options and collect data from your registrants. 

Don't worry, all of this can be updated later. If this is your first page, check out more tips & tricks for creating the registration page for your event here.

Add Your Virtual Course Content

When your ticketing page is ready, now we can start crafting our Virtual Event Page & it's content. Start by clicking on the Digital Access tab.

The Digital Access tab holds all the content that will display when the registrant logs into the Virtual Event Page:

You can allow your followers to immediately access the content or set a future date for the content to be unlocked for access. 

Adding Digital Content

You can choose to add a live stream link or a pre-recorded link to your videos.
The Downloads section allows you to add links to documents or materials your follower can download to use. 

Save and Publish your Page.


Purchase Experience

Your followers will purchase a ticket to your online training or course.On the confirmation page and email, they will see a link to the login page of the virtual content: 

When clicked on, they can access the Virtual Event Page and view it's links and material downloads:

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