Restrict Online Content By Date Or Audience

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TicketSpice gives you the option to limit the availability of online content based on the selection of the attendee. This article will show you how to limit by date and/or by the ticket selected.

Limit By Date

Begin by formatting all of your options on your page.

Select LiveStream / Meeting or On Demand Viewing from your Virtual Event dropdown.

Select the Allow access to this content on a specific date/time checkbox.

And enter the date and the time that you want this specific streaming link to go live.

Now this session is only accessible at this specific time that you set!

Limit By Audience (Tickets Selected)

If you want to allow specific ticket levels the ability to see certain content, you can do this by checking the box that says: Allow access to this content based on ticket level

Great work! Now these options are only available to the attendees who have purchased those specific tickets.

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