Edit a ticket order

Edit an order by adding or removing tickets, merchandise, edit other details and choose whether to upcharge or refund the ticket buyer

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Do you need to make a change to an order? TicketSpice allows you to add/remove tickets, merchandise, add-ons or edit additional details, etc. When you make a change, if it results in an upcharge or a refund, you can choose whether you'd like to charge or refund the card on file, charge a new card, or override the amount and do nothing. Even send the ticket buyer a message notifying them of the change. You also can allow ticket buyers to edit their own orders by enabling the Attendee Account Center.

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NOTE: If you are wanting to remove all of the tickets from an order, you will want to follow the steps on how to cancel an order here. You are unable to edit an order and remove all tickets and save. An active order must have at least one active ticket associated with it.

Edit an order

  • From the Pages screen, select Orders from the top menu bar

  • Search for the order you'd like to edit and click the eye icon to the right of it

  • Click the Edit Order button

๐Ÿ’กTip: When searching for an order, you can search for the attendee's name, email or order number (found on their receipt)

Edit and upcharge an order

  • If you add items to an order such as more tickets, merchandise or change to a more expensive date, etc you will be prompted to charge their card on file the difference

  • You also can choose to add new credit card details to charge a new card

  • Or, you can choose to override the charge and do nothing. If you do nothing

Edit and refund an order

  • If you remove items from an order such as tickets, merchandise, etc that result in a refund, you will be prompted to refund the difference back to the card on file

  • OR, you can choose to override the refund and do nothing

Admin Override

  • If you chose to override an upcharge or a refund and do nothing, it will add the amount you overrode under Additional Items with a line item called Admin Override with the date of the override and the associated amount.

  • Also, if you chose to remove tickets from an order, but not refund, you'll notice those tickets will now show a Canceled status and there will not be an associated refund amount

  • You also can scroll down to the bottom of the order and click Add A Note + to add a custom, internal note to add any additional details you may want to be associated with the order and changes made

Edit ticket date and or time slot

  • If you offer different dates or time slots or events to attend, you can click the calendar or time slot drop down to edit the date or time the ticket buyer's ticket is good for

Send Updated Confirmation Email

  • When you make an edit to an order, you can check the box to send an updated confirmation email

  • There is a default message provided that you can further customize which will be appended to the top of the confirmation email that will be resent

  • This new confirmation email will reflect any of the changes you make. Even if you don't resend the confirmation email, the tickets sent in the original confirmation email will reflect any of the changes when they are scanned.


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