Cancel an ticket order

Cancel an entire order and choose to issue a full refund, partial refund, no refund, or issuing a coupon code

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We offer multiple options when it comes to cancelling an order. You can opt to cancel and issue a full refund, issue a partial refund or not refund at all.

Only users on your account with Reporting + Financial permissions are able cancel and refund orders. Attendees are unable to cancel orders from the Attendee Account Center.

⚠️ Warning: Cancelling erases the entire order. The tickets including any additional selections will be immediately cancelled and placed back into inventory. If you wish to make changes to an order without cancelling it, click here.

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Cancel an order and issue a Full Refund

  • From the Pages screen, select Orders from the top menu bar

  • Search for the order you'd like to cancel and click the eye icon next to it

  • Click Cancel Order

  • Select Issue a full refund and cancel the selected order

💡Tip: When searching for an order, you can search for the attendee's name, email or order number (found on their receipt)

Cancel and refund options

You have a few options when canceling an order:

  • Cancel and do not refund the transaction, cancel only

  • Cancel and do not refund, but issue a coupon code for future use

  • Cancel and issue a partial refund

  • Cancel and issue a full refund

💡Tip: Issuing a coupon code is recommended because you are able to retain your revenue as well as your no refund policy if you have one. And the attendee has a credit to use for a future event.

NOTE: If you select to cancel and issue a coupon for future use, the system will issue the ticket buyer a global coupon code that will be good on any of your live pages. It is a one-time use coupon code and unable to be broken up across multiple orders or transactions.

Cancelation Notice

You also have an option to send a Cancelation Notice. This will resend their confirmation email with your custom message appended to the top notifying them that their order has been canceled and their tickets will no longer be valid.

A sample Cancelation Notice message might include: "Your order has been canceled and fully refunded. You should see your refund deposited into your bank account in the next 7-10 business days. We hope to see you back next year!"

Check the box to agree to the terms of canceling the order and click the Cancel button.

Canceled status

Once you cancel an order, the order and associated tickets will show a status of Canceled. If you issued a refund, that refund amount will display in brackets. The tickets and any other merchandise will be added back to available inventory. The tickets will no longer be able to be scanned either.

If you chose not to issue a refund, you'll notice there is not a refund amount listed.

Add a Note

If you'd like, you can scroll to the bottom of the order and click Add Note +. Doing so allows you to append a note with this order that is only visible internally to your team. This can be a good idea if you'd like to add a reason as to why you canceled or why you chose to refund the amount you did.


Why am I not able to cancel the order and issue a refund or issue a coupon code for the full amount?

When canceling an order, you might not be able to issue a refund or coupon code for the full amount if there has already been a partial refund issued on the order.

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