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Allow attendees to resend and print tickets and view, edit, transfer and/or partially refund their orders in the Attendee Account Center

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Enabling the Attendee Account Center empowers your ticket buyers to view and edit orders and even transfer their tickets to another interested ticket buyer. They can resend and print their tickets as well. Set date and time restrictions and even limit these actions to certain fields.

Empowering ticket buyers like this is a major time saver for both you and them!

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Enable Attendee Account Center

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to enable Attendee Account Center for

  • Hover your mouse over Settings in the top navigation bar

  • Select Attendee Permissions fro the dropdown

  • Toggle the Allow Attendee to Create an Account to Yes

Update button and message text

Your attendees will have a few places where they can create their Attendee Account Center login. They can click a button on the the confirmation page, the confirmation email or at the top of your live page. The buttons and the associated message that appear on the Confirmation Page and Confirmation email can be enabled or disabled and edited. Here is how:

  • After you've clicked Settings -> Attendee Permissions and enabled the Attendee Account Center, you can scroll down to check the box to enable the buttons on the receipt (confirmation) page and confirmation email

  • Once you enable them, you can customize the message as well as the button text

Allow attendees to edit their tickets

  • Once you've enabled the Attendee Account Center, you can toggle the Allow Attendees to Edit their Tickets to Yes

  • Here you can set time restrictions on whether you'd like a start and end date for when attendees can edit their orders. For example, maybe you are placing merchandise orders ahead of time and want to cutoff any edits 10 days out from your event

  • You also can enable the ability for attendees to make edits that result in a partial refund. To do so, toggle the Allow changes and downgrades that may issue partial refunds. Note: Attendees cannot cancel to Yes

NOTE: Enabling the ability for attendees to make edits that result in partial refunds will not give them the ability to cancel their entire order. Just do things such as decrease how many tickets they have or remove merchandise items, etc.

  • If you have a multi-date event, you will see an option to Allow ticket holders to make changes to their orders the day of their event. If you wish to allow this, toggle the setting to Yes.

NOTE: By default, our system prevents attendees from making edits to their order after 11:59pm the night before your event, or the night before their ticket date. Enabling the ability to make edits the day of will override this default setting.

Enable change fee for edits

If you wish to charge a fee to any attendee who makes a change to their order, you can enable it by toggling the Enable Change Fee for Edits to Yes

Enabling Change Fees allows the system to charge the attendee a fixed dollar amount when they make changes to their order. You also can apply the fee only when certain fields are modified.

If you'd like to enable the change fee when a ticket is changed to a different ticket level, you can enable Apply change fee when modifying tickets.

NOTE: The Change Fee will not apply when adding additional tickets to an order. Only when removing tickets or making other changes such as adding or removing merchandise, changing a session, etc.

Allow attendees to transfer their tickets

Ticket transfers allow your attendees to transfer their tickets to another interested ticket buyer. Maybe they no longer can go and you have a no refund policy, they can recoup their funds by transferring their ticket to someone else who is interested in going in their place.

  • Toggle Allow attendee to transfer their tickets to Yes

  • If you have a specific date range you'd like to allow them to transfer their tickets, you can set that here

  • You also can charge a transfer fee. This can be a percentage of the total or a fixed dollar amount

  • Once the transfer is complete, the original ticket buyer will be refunded minus the change fee

  • The original tickets will be canceled and the new ticket buyer will receive new tickets

Website button builder

The Website Button Builder allows you to create a button to include on your website that attendees can click to login to their account.

  • Select whether you'd like to have the button open the link in a new window or open in a pop-up over your website

  • Customize the text on the button

  • Customize the button text color and button background color

  • Copy the code provided and add it to your website for easy access for your attendees


Q: Is the Attendee Account Center able to be used with a Reserved Seating event?

A: At this time, the Attendee Account Center is not able to be used with Reserved Seating pages

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