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How Can I Transfer My Tickets?

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Your purchasers can use TicketSpice to transfer a ticket in their order to someone else. 


If I change the price of my tickets, does the transfer recipient pay the old price or the new price? 

They will pay the new price, the price the page is currently charging. 

Do my customers have to create an account to transfer their tickets?

They do not. You can enable the option in your help nav bar and existing registrants can return the page and select that option anytime. All they have to do is fill out the necessary details and click Transfer.

How can I cancel a pending transfer?

Navigate to the order you want to cancel and select the eye icon

Select the Edit button

You will receive this prompt

Select Yes, Cancel Transfer Request to cancel the transfer request

What does the new buyer experience?

The person accepting the transfer will click the claim transfer hyperlink in an email.

Next, they will be routed to your event page where the system automatically selects the ticket types being transferred. They can also purchase additional items that are available.

How do actions affect the transfer process?

If a ticket is hidden by an action the transfer process does NOT override the action. You will need to make the ticket visible to allow for transfers.

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