Manual Entry
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Process Orders as an admin without having to go through the live ticket page.

Under Orders, click "Add Ticket Order"

Select the Page you'd like to process an order for:

If you are processing an order for a past attendee, search for that attendee:

Any basic information (like name, email, phone number, and address) will pre-fill in the designated fields. Any previous payment methods will be available to select from and process the order.


Can I process offline orders?

Yes, but the offline payment method does need to be enabled on the page to process an offline order at this time. In the future, offline will be a payment method available on all pages in Manual Entry mode.

Can I use this for Reserved Seating Page Types?

At this time, Reserved Seating Pages are not supported at this time. We are wanting to look into being able to show the venue in Manual Entry for you to be able to process orders through Manual Entry for Reserved Seating.

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