Create coupon and discount codes

Create and customize coupon or discount codes. Set value and usage limits and what fields the discounts apply to. Create global coupons.

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Offer discounts to your ticket buyers by issuing coupon codes. These can be a great way to promote your event and encourage purchases. Create a code that you promote to the masses, or upload a list of unique codes you issue one by one. Set the discount amount, usage, what fields or ticket levels they apply to, etc. Even create Global Coupons that can apply across all of your pages and events.

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Create a Coupon Code

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to create a coupon code for

  • Click Coupons from the menu bar at the top of your account

  • Click the Create a New Coupon button

Customize the Coupon

  • Description - Add a descriptor that will quickly and easily identify what your coupon code is for. This is for internal use and reference only. For example: Member Discount

  • Code - Enter what you would like the coupon code to be that your ticket buyers will enter. For example: membersrule123

  • Discount Amount - This can be either a dollar amount or percentage. For example $5 or 15%

  • The discount amount can be applied per order or per ticket.

  • Per Order - If set to discount $5 per order, if someone selects 5 $25 tickets, the total discount they'll receive is $5.

  • Per Ticket - If it the discount is set to be $5 per ticket and the ticket buyer selects 5 $25 tickets, they would receive $25 off ($5 x 5 tickets)

    • When the discount is set to apply per ticket, you can set the max number of tickets per order the discount will apply to

    • You also can set which tickets the discount will apply to for example maybe you want to offer a BOGO deal and set a 100% off coupon code and have it apply to every 2nd ticket

  • Usage Limit - This is how many times the coupon code is able to be used. If you chose to apply the discount per ticket, then an additional input option appears under Usage Limit where you can limit how many tickets per order the code can apply to.

NOTE: Coupon codes are not case sensitive. They can be numbers, letters or characters

Import a Series or List of Coupons

In the case that you might like each person to use a unique coupon code, you can import a list or series of coupon codes.

Sample use case: If you did a Groupon or LivingSocial deal and need to import all of the codes. Or, if you issue each member their own one-time use coupon code so the codes don't get shared with anyone

  • Click the box that reads Import a series

  • This will expand the Coupon code field to give space to paste in your codes

  • Each code needs to be placed on its own line

  • When you set the usage limit, that is the limit that will apply to each individual code. For example, if you upload 100 codes and would like each one to only be used once, then enter a 1 in the Usage Limit box

NOTE: The limit of codes in into series field is 1,500 unique codes. To add more than 1,500, save and add a new coupon code to import 1,500 more and so on until you get all of your codes imported. For example, if you had 10,000 codes to import, you could create 6 different coupon code instances of 1,500 and the 7th would have 1,000.

๐Ÿ’กTip: If you'd like to utilize a free random code generator, here is a free resource.

Additional Coupon Code settings

Click the gear icon in the coupon code to reveal additional settings.

  • Expiration Date - Here you can set when the coupon code will expire. If someone attempts to use a coupon code after the expiration date and time, they will receive an error

  • Global Coupon - By clicking the Move to Global button, this will transform the coupon code into a Global Coupon, making it able to be applied to any of your published pages. NOTE: This cannot be undone, so be sure you actually want to do this prior to clicking and saving.

  • Apply discount to only these fields - Maybe you'd like to create a coupon code that only applies to a certain ticket level or to a merchandise field, instead of the overall order total, here is where you can select which field(s) you'd like for it to apply to.

Global Coupons

When in one of your pages editing a coupon code, you can click the button Move to Global. NOTE: This cannot be undone. Once you make a coupon global, it cannot be reverted to a traditional coupon. This allows the coupon code to be used across all of your live pages and events.

View + Create Global Coupons

  • From your Pages screen hover your mouse over Reports at the top of your account

  • Select Global Coupons

  • Here you can click the Add Coupon button to create a new Global Coupon

  • You can click the pencil icon next to any existing Global Coupons to edit it or the trashcan to delete it

  • You can search for a coupon or filter by status or even export


Q: Are coupons case-sensitive?

A: Coupons are not case sensitive. If you enter in a coupon code with uppercase letters the system will be automatically transform them to lowercase letters.

Q: Can I track who uses my coupons?

A: Yes, you can run a coupon report to view the number or uses or an order report to see which ticket buyer used each code.

Q: Can I use the same coupon code for multiple events?

A: Yes, you can turn any coupon into a global coupon that can be used across all of your live pages and events.

Note that once you make a coupon into a global coupon, this cannot be undone.

Q: Can I manually add attendees to my event?

A: Yes. You can create a 100% off coupon code and fill out your ticketing page as if you were the attendee and if you enter their email address, it will send them a confirmation of their tickets. The 100% off code you entered to comp the entry won't display in the confirmation email they receive.

Q: How will the ticket buyer see their discount?

A: The coupon code does not appear to the ticket buyer on the confirmation page, but the amount discounted will appear.

Q: Why do I need to select a currency when setting up a Global Coupon?

A: USD coupons can only apply to USD pages and so on. So if you have multiple pages in different currencies, you will need to make global coupons in each of those currencies.

Q: What timezone is the global coupon expiration date/time set to?

A: Global Coupon code expiration date and time are based on the timezone set under the accounts Organization Details.

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