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Can I accept Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or GooglePay balances?
Can I accept Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or GooglePay balances?

While convenient for attendees, there is a big restriction to event organizers with these payment methods that you won't like.

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TicketSpice processes payments with over 10 different payment processors, but does not (yet) allow events to accept payments with Apple Pay, Paypal, Venmo, or GooglePay. It is on our roadmap to build and support, but we have yet to build it because of a significant restriction that hinders event organizers when managing attendees.

With any event, a major part of the event management process is making changes and modifications to a ticket order. Whether its changing options, dates, ticket levels, or add-ons, these changes are frequent with top events. These changes often result in an additional charge or partial refund. (Hint: Almost every other event ticketing platform requires you to cancel the attendee and have them start over in this situation -- which no one wants to do.)

But with TicketSpice, we make changes and modifications easier than a weatherman predicting rain in the pacific northwest. When you make changes to a ticket order, the system recalculates the amount and then lets you charge / refund the difference instantly. This is made possible because every attendee's card is securely stored so it can be referenced to make these modifications any time you need or want.

BUT none of that would be possible with other payment methods like ApplePay, Paypal, Venmo, and GooglePay. In order to make modifications that result in additional charges, you would need the attendee to confirm and authorize these partial payments each time. To add some more complexity, Paypal or Venmo balances may be insufficient to cover those changes.

When event organizers realize they will not be able to make any financial modifications to an attendee using one of these methods, they realize the convenience of these other payment methods is not worth the trade off.

That said, we're working to support these methods in the future and you'll be able to enable them if you choose to use them knowing there is a big trade off that will restrict your editing of those attendees and also disallow them from using other cool features from us like Mobile Pay Pass and other things that utilize the card on file.

Watch for updates on these payment methods (and others) in the future but now you know why we don't support it and why you may not want to ever accept them in the future either.

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