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Create Your App Key (Ticket Scanning App)
Create Your App Key (Ticket Scanning App)

Create volunteer access and edit orders from the app

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The first step to using the TicketSpice Scanning App is creating an App Key. This key will sync all of your data so that your device(s) are ready for scanning.

NOTE: If using an apple device, the TicketSpice app is compatible with iOs 13 and above.

Select the pencil icon to access your page settings.

Select Ticket Scanning from your Onsite tab.

Next, select Create App Key.

Use the menu to customize how and when you'd like each ticket to scan.

Plug the App Key into the app. Repeat (with the same key) with all the devices you will be using for scanning.

Note: You can name the device anything that makes sense for your event. It pulls into your scan reporting. Some examples might be - side door, Hannah's scanner, or main entry.

Multiple App Keys

Before entering your first app key, click "Enter More App Keys" to populate additional App Key fields.

Click Continue once you've added all your App Keys.

Great work! Now you're ready to scan.

To learn more about the app, check out this tutorial.


Q: Can I create an app key for my volunteers?
A: Yes! Enabling the app key to volunteer mode will restrict Report and Attendee information in the app.

Q: How to enable editing orders and tickets from the app?
A: Editing orders has never been easier, now your team can do it right from the app.

1. Start by creating or editing your app key within your ticketing page.
2. Click on the No button to turn the editing option to Yes.

3. Click the blue button to create or save the update.

4. All scanning devices will need to be logged out of and back into for the settings change to be enabled.
​Q: How to edit an order or ticket from the app?

A: After the app key has been updated and all devices have been freshly logged into.
Here is how you edit an order.
1. Scan the QR code or look up the order by name.
2. From the check-in screen click on View Details.
3. On the Ticket Details screen in the upper right corner, click the 3-dot icon.
4. Click the Edit button once it pops up.
5. Make the necessary changes to the order.
- Add tickets, deduct tickets, add merchandise from the page, or use the Additional Items to add custom items or fees.
6. The system will lead you through how to refund or pay.
7. Click the Blue Button to save the changes.

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