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Donation Ticket Level
Donation Ticket Level
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If you'd like to accept donations on a TicketSpice page, you can set up a donation ticket level. 

Start by selecting Edit Ticket Information

Select Advanced Options

Select Add A Donation Option

This will add a donation ticket level to your page. 

Use the menu to customize the title, description, suggested donation amounts (optional) and other amount (optional). 

Save and publish your changes. 

Done! Now your customers can add a donation to their order. 


Am I charged extra fees to collect donations on my page?

There are no extra fees. The donation ticket level works as any other ticket level - $0.99/ticket. 

Can a customer donate instead of purchasing a ticket? 

Yes, this set up allows them to donate as part of an order or instead of an order. 

Will a donation ticket level generate a ticket (standard events) or an access code (virtual events)?

By default, yes it will. To customize for your use case, you can update your scanning settings so that the Donation Ticket will not scan (standard events) or limit the access to virtual content (virtual events).

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