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How To Collect Donations on Your Ticketing Page
How To Collect Donations on Your Ticketing Page

Upwards of 20% of ticket buyers will add a donation to their ticket reservation. Here's how set it up.

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This article shows you how to add a donation field to your ticketing page below the ticket block. Here are the most common uses for adding a donation field to your ticketing page.

  • Raise money for a local cause or charity in conjunction for your event

  • Raise additional money for your fundraiser event in addition to the ticket price

  • Host a free event with an optional donation

If you want to issue admittance to your event or virtual event based on a donation amount, then please view this article on how to use the donation ticket level. A ticket level type that is set as a donation type acts as a "choose your own price" -- but still requires a donation to get in. Learn more on setting up a ticket level to act as a donation field here.

The below example shows how to add a donation that is above and beyond whatever ticket they reserved. First you can watch a screen recording and below are the step by steps.

Step 1: In the page builder, go below the ticket block but above the billing area and put your mouse below the ticket block and hit the plus icon. Note, if you have a coupon field, you will want to add it below the coupon so discounts codes don't apply to the donation itself.

Step 2: In the menu, choose the donation layout item financial column.

Step 3: Configure your donation field how you want it. Make sure to turn the required setting OFF. Otherwise, every ticket buyer will be required to make a donation to submit the page.

Pro Tip: The most popular method for fundraising for a cause not directly related to your event is to use the suggested amounts and choose 'display as buttons.' For fundraiser events where you want to raise more money from ticket buyers for your cause, the open donation amount is better.

Step 4 (optional): Save the donation field and then add a paragraph field above the donation field to add a nice lead into the donation ask. Such as, "Can you make an additional donation?" Then add another line for how your donation will be used.

Step 5: Save and Publish!

This is a great way to raise money for a local cause or for your organization. Our research has shown about 15-20% of ticket buyers will add an extra donation to the page when presented the right way.


Are donations collected via TicketSpice automatically recorded as tax deductible?


Does TicketSpice create a Year End statement for Donation Tickets?

Yes. Click here to learn more about Year End Statements.

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