Exporting, Report Types, and Sample Exports
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You can export different types of reports from the reporting center. If you're unfamiliar with how, this video walks you though the process. 

Report Types And Samples 


Export all ticketholders, levels and ticket numbers.
See a sample. 


Export all details on tickets, when they were scanned and which device.
See a sample. 

Order Data

Export the data associated with each order.
See a sample.  


Export transaction history across all pages.
See a sample. 


Export a reconciliation report showing bank deposits.
See a sample.  


Export order counts for each product and sizes.
See a sample.


Export all coupon codes and their usage.
See a sample. 


Export your ambassador list, codes and signup counts.
See a sample.  


If you collect finger signatures for a terms of service agreement, you can export them as png images here.
See a sample. 

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