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Updated over a week ago is a custom payment processor that is compatible with TicketSpice. In this article, we will cover: 

  • Custom processor fee and billing 

  • Set up 

  • How to perform refunds with

  • How to disable email receipts  

Custom Processor Fee & Billing 

There is a 1% custom processor fee to use this payment processor. Both the 1% and the $0.99/ticket will be billed monthly to a card on file. 

Cost Summary: $0.99/ticket + 1% + processing fees


1. To set up this payment processor, hover over your main menu and select Payment Processor. 

2. Select the option to add your own custom processor. 

3. Select Credit Card and from the dropdown menus. 

Provide the Login ID and Transaction Key for your processor and save. 

Refunds with

Take advantage of utilizing the advanced accounting features and/or issue refunds in TicketSpice. Your Transaction Details API in your account should already be enabled. If not, follow the steps below.

Step One: Login to your account
Step Two: Select Settings
Step Three: Select Transaction Details API
Step Four: Enter the answer to your security question and click Enable Transaction Details API
Step Five: Refresh your processor on the TicketSpice side by clicking edit and then save. 

Great job! Now TicketSpice will have access to the settlement data so you can run batch reporting and issue refunds through our system.

Important Fraud Notification Settings

Notifications about potential fraud will come from your account that will be very important for you to see in time. Please makes sure you go through and set these up.

Please read the following PDF to learn which settings to implement.

When a transaction has been flagged by as potential fraud the TicketSpice system will post this note on the transaction. The action must be taken within a few days or the transaction will be canceled. All this information is found inside of Authorize's customer portal.

Disable Email Receipts for Your Customer

Step 1: Login To Your Virtual Terminal

To login you will need a valid username and password. If you do not have a login, request one from your merchant service provider (the people who set your organization up with or send this article to someone on your team who might have a valid login

Step 2: Click Account Settings

Once logged in, on the upper right is a link labeled account settings. 

Step 3: Locate The Email Receipt Settings

Under the "Transaction Response Settings" area, locate the "Email Receipt" link and click it. Here is where it is typically found:

Step 4: Uncheck the Email Transaction Receipt

Under the Enable Email Confirmation heading, uncheck "Email transaction receipt to customer". 

Step 5: Hit Submit to Save 

Done! Now your customer will only receive the email receipt from TicketSpice. 


Which payment processors does support? 

Click here to see a detailed list. 

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