TicketSpice pricing and fees

A list of pricing and fees for selling tickets with TicketSpice as well as pricing for many of our additional features

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Selling tickets for your event with TicketSpice is simple and easy, and best of all, the pricing is ridiculously low and designed to help you make more and keep more on your event. There are no setup fees, no monthly fees, no admin fees, and no credit cards required to create an account and start selling tickets on TicketSpice.

There are optional premium features available on TicketSpice that are non-essential to selling tickets, including text messaging, email blasts, email automation, Mobile Pay Pass, and others. Complete pricing for these optional features is found below.

Pricing For Paid Events

The following pricing applies when using TicketSpice's preferred payment processor, Webconnex Payments (powered by WePay) which charges 2.99% for all credit card transactions. All fees are taken out before your event payout and occur in real-time.

If you use a custom payment processor, there is an additional 1% fee on all transactions. See the Custom Payment Processor section for more information.

Online Ticket Sales

When selling tickets online through your TicketSpice event page, the fees are $0.99 per paid ticket plus the payment processor's credit card fees of 2.99%.

If the price for a ticket is $5 or less (excluding any fees you have on the page), the TicketSpice fee drops to $0.49 per ticket plus the payment processor's credit card fees of 2.99%.

When providing a coupon code for certain attendees to reserve tickets for free, there are no TicketSpice fees and no credit card fees. Although, if a free ticket is redeemed with a coupon along with a paid ticket in the same order, the free ticket will incur a $0.49 fee.

On-Site Sales with Box Office App

When selling tickets on-site using the TicketSpice Box Office app and with our preferred payment processor, your paid tickets cost $0.49 per ticket + the payment processor's credit card fees of 2.99%. When accepting cash or check payments on-site using the Box Office App, there are no TicketSpice fees and no credit card fees.

Absorbing Fees vs Passing On Fees

When using TicketSpice's preferred payment processor, you can choose to absorb all the ticketing + credit card fees OR pass on all the fees to the buyer. Many events choose to pass on fees because it can make sourcing and reconciling revenue to each ticket or item sold on the ticketing page easier.

The default setting is for the event organizer to absorb fees which are deducted before you receive your funds in the event payouts. When choosing to pass on all the fees to the buyer, the buyer will pay an increased amount and you'll receive the face value of tickets and all items on the ticketing page.

The following example illustrates the difference between absorbing or passing on the fees:

Absorbing the Fees:

When selling 2 tickets at $25 each, the buyer pays $50 and all fees are absorbed by the event organizer before payouts. The TicketSpice fees for 2 tickets in this example are $1.98 and credit card fees are $1.50 for a total of $3.48 combined fees. The net payout on the 2 tickets sold for $50 would be $46.52.

Passing on Fees to Buyers

Should you choose to pass on all TicketSpice fees + credit card fees to the buyer all fees are added to the attendee's payment total to be charged. Because the buyer is now paying an increased amount due to fees being passed on, a small fractional percentage fee is added to account for the credit card processing on the increased total. In the same example of selling 2 tickets at $25 each, the buyer's $50 is increased to $53.73 and you receive $50 in your payout.

Pricing for Free Events

When using TicketSpice for free events alongside your existing paid events, your free events on TicketSpice are completely free. If you are not hosting any paid events but are only hosting free events, your free events cost $0.99 per ticket. All TicketSpice fees for free events are charged monthly using a card on file.

Custom Payment Processor

TicketSpice allows you to use a custom payment processor like Stripe,, Cybersource, and others for a 1% additional fee on the transaction. When using these payment processors, you'll pay the credit card fees directly to the provider. Because these are external payment service providers, the TicketSpice fees cannot be automatically deducted from the event payouts, and a credit card on file is required to pay TicketSpice's fees which are paid monthly.

For events based outside of the US and Canada, the custom 1% fee is waived until our preferred payment processor is compatible in your local currency. If certain requirements or restrictions prohibit you from using our preferred payment solution and you would like to request the 1% fee to be waived, please contact our sales team.

Refunds and Partial Refunds

Issuing Full Refunds

When using our preferred payment processor, all ticketing fees and credit card fees are returned to the buyer when issuing a full refund. This is unlike most providers who neither return the ticketing fees nor payment processing fees.

When using a custom payment processor and you issue a full refund within the same billing cycle, a $0.99 per paid ticket fee remains but you will not be charged the 1% custom processing fee. Refunds that occur outside the same billing cycle do not get credited back the $0.99 ticketing fee or the 1% custom processing fee. It's important to note that custom payment processors have various policies for refunds and do not refund their credit card fees on full refunds.

Issuing Partial Refunds

When you modify a ticket order that results in a partial refund, there are no partial refunds of the ticketing fees nor partial refunds of the credit card processing fees due to credit card restrictions. The amount you refund back will be the amount that is credited back to your attendee's credit card.

Premium Features and Optional Upgrades

TicketSpice offers a host of premium features and upgrades to help you find, attract, and convert more sales to increase your sales. These features are completely optional.

Text Messaging Platform Pricing

The TicketSpice text messaging platform empowers you to send out mass text messages to your existing ticket holders and past attendees. Because of strict communication laws surrounding text message communication, each event organizer must complete a verification process with the carriers and also reserve a dedicated phone number that will be assigned to their use. Mobile carriers charge for the verification process, the dedicated number, and charge a fee per message segment*.

TicketSpice offers two sending plans depending on your text message sending volume. Both plans require a one-time brand verification fee of $49 on behalf of the carriers.

Text Messaging Basic Plan:

  • $49 brand activation fee (one-time)

  • $19 a month includes a dedicated number

  • $0.04 per text recipient

Text Messaging Super Sender Plan

  • $49 brand activation fee (one-time)

  • $99 a month includes a dedicated number

  • $0.02 per text recipient

*Mobile carriers charge per message segment. A message segment is 140 characters. If you send a message that exceeds 140 characters, carriers will charge for 2 message segments per recipient for that text message blast.

All text message plans are billed monthly with a card on file.

Email Automations (Drip Campaigns)

Create and send a sequence of marketing emails to drive ticket sales to a specific ticketing page. You can target past attendees from previous ticketing pages or import a list from another email provider. The email sequences track which email addresses have reserved tickets already and removes them from additional emails in the sequence.

Email Automations Fees

  • $9 a month + $0.02 per email recipient

Email automation plans are billed monthly with a card on file.

Email Blasts

Create and send email blasts to exiting ticket holders, past attendees, or an imported list. This feature allows you to send targeted messages to certain ticket holders and attendees with announcements, followups, or offers.

Sending email confirmation with tickets as well as reminders for your event are no charge and configured in the page email settings. In order to ensure a high delivery rate of all emails sent, we utilize Amazon for sending these emails.

Email Blast Fees:

  • $0.02 per email recipient

Email blasts are billed monthly with a card on file.

Mobile Pay Pass

Mobile Pay Pass is a feature that enables your attendees' QR codes issued on their tickets to be their payment method on-site at your event. The event organizer configures various on-site items for sale such as food, beverage, merchandise, products, experiences and then uses the mobile app to sell items on-site and scan attendees' QR code to complete purchase. The attendees' QR code is linked to the card on-file with their ticket reservation.

Mobile Pay Pass Fees

  • $0.25 per transaction + credit card fees

Contact Insights

Using a trusted 3rd party data provider, gain invaluable insights about your attendees and customers to improve your messaging, make targeted offers, and plan strategies. Your contact database is enriched with demographic data of specific customers, aggregated interests and trends, as well as purchasing behaviors. Filter your entire contact database by certain demographics and interests to send targeted messaging and communication. Only pay for contact profiles that are successfully enriched. Events can expect up to 60% enrichment rate on their contact database.

Contact Insights Fees

  • $9 a month + $0.10 per record enriched

Contact insights is billed monthly with a card on file.

Custom Domains

By default, your ticketing page URLs will be linked to the domain (ex: For events that want more of a white label experience, we can associate all your ticketing pages with a domain name you already own and use. In this example, your ticketing pages would be located at URL similar to For advanced conversion tracking with Facebook / Meta, it is recommended to utilize a custom domain name for your ticketing pages that matches you primary website and promotional efforts.

Custom Domain Name Fees

  • $150 per year

Custom domain names are billed annually with a card on file.

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