Create a flash sale using actions

Promote a limited time discount to drive interest and sales

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A flash sale is when you announce a discounted price for a limited time to drive urgency and sales. This can be for 24 hours, a weekend, etc. The timeframe is up to you as well as the discount amount.

Below is how you can setup a flash sale using actions. Be sure to view some of our great promotion tools to get the word out about your sale!

Navigate to Actions

From the Pages screen click the Pencil icon on the page you'd like to create a Flash Sale for

Click the Actions tab

Click Create Your First Action (or click the plus button to add an additional action)

Create the trigger

Click the Trigger dropdown and select Date (this is the calendar date you'd like the sale to run)

In the next dropdown select Is Between

Then set the date and time you'd like to start and end the sale on

Setup the Action

On the right column select the Action dropdown and select Decrease Price

Enter the discount amount. This can either be a percentage or dollar amount discount

Then select the ticket level(s) or field(s) you'd like this flash sale to apply to

Click the Save Action button

Click Publish to set your changes live

Your flash sale is ready for takeoff! πŸš€

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