Hide or stop sales of a specific ticket level

End sales of a given ticket level or hide a ticket level for a period of time without deleting the ticket level using actions

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Sometimes you need to make a quick decision to close ticket sales. Maybe there is an unexpected storm or your talent has an emergency, etc.

Below we'll show you how to close just specific ticket levels.

💡Tip: If you are wanting to close your entire page so no new sales take place, click here to see how.

⚠️ Warning: Whatever you do, don't delete the ticket level from your page once you've accepted sales. This will delete all of the associated data. Simply follow the steps below to close ticket sales.

Navigate to Actions

From the Page screen click the Pencil icon on the page you’d like to add an action to hide ticket level(s) on

Click the Actions tab

Set Your Trigger

Click Create Your First Action (or click the plus button to add an additional action)

From the Trigger dropdown select Date (this is the calendar date you'd like the ticket level(s) to hide)

Select Date is After

Select the Date and Time you would like the ticket level(s) to hide

Set Your Action

On the right column select Hide from the Action dropdown

Select which ticket level(s), time slots or fields you'd like to hide

Click the Save Action button

Click the Publish button to set your changes live

Now the designated ticket levels, time slots or fields you selected will hide when the set date and time arrives. If you are needing to close the entire page so no new purchases take place here is how to do so.

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