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Offer discounts to certain attendees based on email address
Offer discounts to certain attendees based on email address

Extend exclusive offers and discounts to certain people such as sponsors based on their email address or domain name

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Offering an incentive is a great way to attract or thank sponsors. You can use actions to verify their email address is associated with your sponsoring company and provide a free ticket, discount or special gift accordingly.

Here is how:

Navigate to Actions

From the Pages screen, click the Pencil icon on the page you'd like to add a sponsor discount or gift to

Click the Actions tab

Create Your Trigger

Click Create Your First Action or click the plus button to add an additional action

Click the Select Trigger dropdown and select the Email

Then select Value Contains

Enter the domain of the sponsor you'd like this to apply to. For example, if Jamba Juice is sponsoring your event, you would include, and advise anyone from Jamba who is purchasing tickets to use their work email address to redeem their discount or gift

Set the Action

From the right column click into the Actions dropdown and select Apply Discount

πŸ’‘ Use Case Idea: You can also choose to Show a special ticket level or gift instead of applying a discount

From the right column click the Select Action dropdown and choose Apply Discount

Set the discount amount you'd like to apply - This can be a percentage or fixed dollar amount

Select the ticket level(s) or fields you'd like the discount to apply to

Save and Set Changes Live

Click the Save Action button

Click the Publish button to set your changes live

You can click the Preview button and enter in the email domain for your sponsor to test out the action.

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