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Automatically apply discounts for affiliates (tracking links)
Automatically apply discounts for affiliates (tracking links)

Create an action that provides a discount or promotion to anyone who purchases through an affiliate link

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Give your affiliates an incentive to spread the word! Use actions to automatically issue a discount, free merchandise or other promos for anyone who signs up using their link. Here is how:

From the Pages screen, click the Pencil icon on the page you'd like to create an affiliate action on

Click the Actions tab

Click Create Your First Action (or the plus sign to add an additional action)

Click the Trigger dropdown and select Tracking Link

Choose Tracking Link Is

Select which tracking link(s) you'd like this action to apply to

On the right side click the Actions dropdown and select the action you'd like to take. In this example we'll choose Apply Discount

Set the Discount amount (either a percentage or a dollar amount)

Select the ticket levels or fields you'd like the discount to apply to

Click Save Action

Publish your changes

There you have it! Your affiliates are going to be pumped for your support and incentive! πŸ˜„

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