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Email Automation (Drip Campaigns)
Email Automation (Drip Campaigns) Overview
Email Automation (Drip Campaigns) Overview
Create a series of high-converting emails that get sent automatically to past attendees or an imported list inviting them to your event
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Email Automation allows you to create drip email campaigns. This is a simple yet powerful tool you can use to drive revenue to your event and it's available within your account.

Email Automation basics:

  • Create and schedule 3-5 emails to send over the span of several days to attendees from previous events.

  • You can also enter email addresses you’ve collected outside Ticketspice.

  • As your emails go out, see clicks, tickets sold and revenue in near real-time.

  • Drive revenue and attendance using this secret weapon of marketers we’ve made available to you right inside TicketSpice.

  • $9 per month, per product + $0.02 per email sent.

Get started with email automation:

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