How to sell Raffle Tickets

The raffle ticket type empowers you to sell raffle tickets for your event and issue unique raffle numbers to each buyer

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The Raffle Ticket type lets you sell a raffle ticket online and TicketSpice will generate a raffle number on each individual ticket. Then export all the raffle numbers and host your own drawing and you can alert the winner. This is a great feature for any event that is looking to raise money for a cause or campaign. We'll show you how to set up raffles and the attendee experience below.

Important: Before using the raffle ticket type feature in TicketSpice, please consult your local and state laws surrounding online raffle tickets. While many states allow it, some have specific restrictions and rules. Be also to review your terms of service with your merchant processor which may prohibit online payments involving raffles. Anyone using Wepay may safely use this feature as it is no longer a prohibited use.

Video Demo

If you would rather see it in action than read the help article, watch the following video which shows setup settings, purchasing, editing, and exporting.

Step By Step Instructions to Use Raffles

Step 1: To add a raffle to your page, hit "Add Ticket Level" and Choose Raffle as the type and give it a name.

Step 2: The two most important setting for the raffle ticket type is the beginning number for the raffle sequence and the total number of raffle tickets available. Setting the Start at # will set the first raffle number issued as this number. When enabling the toggle Limited Supply you can limit the total number of raffle tickets that can be purchased. For this example, setting the start at # at 1000 and limiting raffle tickets to 5000 will create a raffle number range of 1000 to 6000.

Note: if any ticket orders are canceled, those raffle numbers are removed from the sequence in the exports and the raffle sequence range will increase. For example, if a total of 100 raffle tickets were canceled in this example, the raffle number range would be 1000 to 6100 to allow the 5000 raffle ticket limit.

Step 3: Save and Publish and you're done. Now and promote your page!

Step 4: Export Your Raffle Numbers

TicketSpice doesn't choose the winner of your raffle. You can run your own raffle and pick the winner by exporting all the raffle tickets with numbers and pick a winner. To generate a list of all the raffle numbers in circulation, go under exporter and choose tickets. Then be sure to choose the raffle number as exportable field.

Raffle Purchasing Experience.

1: View Your Ticketing Page

Your ticketing page will now show your raffle ticket levels. Since raffles are just like other ticket levels, all the customization you enjoy for other ticket levels will work with raffles. You can sell regular admission tickets alongside raffle tickets or make entry to your event a raffle ticket. Choice is yours.

2: Raffle numbers are generated on confirmation and displayed on tickets

Your attendees will see the raffle numbers issued to them on the confirmation page and confirmation email summary. When viewing the ticket, the raffle numbers will be displayed on the ticket as well.

Some other important things to know

  • Raffles are available to be used on standard, multi-event, multi-day, timed-entry, and virtual events. Raffles are not available on reserved seating ticket pages.

  • Raffles work on multi-day or multi-event ticketing pages. The raffle number limit and number range will reset and repeat for each day or event tickets are for sale. For example, if you sell up to 1000 tickets per day and your sales page sells tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week, the raffles will be issued uniquely and separately for each day and expects you to choose a winner for each unique day of your event. Similarly, for multi-event, the raffles will reset and repeat for each event selection.

  • Raffles work on multi-day events with timelsots / timed-entry. The raffles numbers will reset and repeat for each timeslot for each time slot, not just the day. The system expects you want to run raffle during the timeslot people will be on-site for.

  • Pricing: Because raffle tickets are tickets, the standard TicketSpice pricing applies to raffles exactly the same as other tickets.

  • Your can sell raffles on-site with the TicketSpice Box Office 2.0 app and set custom box office pricing overrides.

  • Raffle tickets are scannable by the TicketSpice ticket scanning app. If you want to disallow scanning raffle tickets, you can disallow them from the ticket scanner settings.

  • When selling raffles but allowing offline payments, raffle numbers will be issued immediately on confirmation.

  • When selling raffles but using pre-registration with card on file, the raffle numbers will display TBD until the card is charged. When the card is charged, the raffle numbers will be issued and the confirmation and tickets will be updated.

  • When editing and order and changing the date of a ticket order, new raffle numbers will be issued according to the new date and the old raffle numbers will be eliminated from export.

  • When editing an order and adding additional raffle tickets, the original raffle numbers will be unchanged and new raffle numbers will be issued for the additional tickets.

If you have any questions on raffles, please reach out to our team. We would love to help.

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