Creating and selling timed entry tickets

Sell tickets for an ongoing, recurring, or seasonal event where attendees must choose a specific day and time slot to attend

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Ticket time slots offer a similar experience to purchasing a movie ticket. Movies play multiple times a day many days in a row (occasionally with blackout dates). Some days or times may have higher or lower prices (think matinee pricing) and available times may vary based on day of the week (open later Fridays and Saturdays). Similar functionality is available with time slots in TicketSpice.

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Getting started adding time slots

  • First, from the Pages screen, you'll want to click the Pencil icon on the page you'd like to add time slots to.

  • Click the Edit Ticket Information button

Assure your Event Type is set to one of the following:

  • Date Based (Calendar)

  • Date Based (List)

NOTE: Time slots are not available on Standard, Series of Events or Reserved seating event types.

For Date Based (Calendar) setup

  • Set the Date Range you'd like your time slots available

  • Select the days of the week you'd like time slots to appear

  • Add any blackout dates - People will not be able to purchase tickets on these days

For Date Based (List) Setup

  • Select the Date Based (List) Event Type

  • Click Add Date button

  • Enter the date your event will take place and click the plus button to add additional dates

Add Time Slots

NOTE: When first building your page, you can remove or edit any of the time slots from the template that don't apply to your event. Just be sure not to edit or delete any time slots after you've started selling tickets. That data will be lost forever.

  • Click the plus button or Add Time Slot button

  • Select the starting time slot

  • Set what interval you'd like to add time slots and click the plus button to add each slot

  • You can click the drop down on any time slot to edit it or even the trash can to delete it

Set Capacity Per Time Slot

  • Toggle the Capacity Per Time Slot to Yes

  • Set what your max capacity per time slot is

  • You can check the box to publicly display the remaining inventory and even set at what threshold you'd like the remaining inventory to begin displaying

๐Ÿ’กTip: If your capacities vary based on day or time slot, you can use Actions to do so. Actions can only be used to decrease capacity, not increase them. In this case, you'll want to set the highest available capacity and then use actions to decrease any as needed.

Preview Ticket Buyer experience

  • When dates have tickets available, they will display as green

  • When dates are unavailable, sold out or listed as a blackout date, they will display as grey

  • The number of tickets a ticket buyer selects in their order will be deducted from that time slot's capacity on the date selected

The ticket selection date and time slot will appear on the confirmation page, confirmation email and on the ticket itself.

Common Actions with Time Slots

Utilize actions to show or hide time slots on certain days, increase or decrease price of tickets for certain time slots, etc. Here are a few commonly used actions:

Hide time slots on certain days of the week

Example: If an event opens late on Mondays, create an action that reads: Every Monday hide 8am and 8:30 am time slots.

  • Ticket Date Selection -> Day of the Week Is -> [choose day(s)]

  • Hide [Choose time slots]

Increase price for certain time slots

Example: If the 8am time slot is always busy and selling out, use actions to create some crowd control by increasing the price of the busy time slots. This will help disperse people to other times.

When the time slot selected is 8am, increase price by $5 of the adult ticket.

  • Ticket Time Slot -> Selection Is [select time slot(s)]

  • Increase Price -> $[insert price] -> Select ticket level

Hide ticket levels or add-ons for certain time slots

Example: Maybe horses don't arrive until mid-day or maybe it gets dark by a certain time and photographers can no longer do sessions, etc. When certain time slots are selected, hide certain ticket levels.

  • When the time slot selected is [Insert time slot(s)]

  • Hide [select ticket level(s)] or you could select add-on items, etc

Hide tickets or add-ons for specific days AND time slots

Example: If on a specific day of the week and time slot something needs to be hidden... For example, maybe horseback riding isn't available on Friday mornings only. So the selection must be Friday and must be 8am for the ticket level to hide.

  • Ticket Date Selection -> Day of the Week Is [select the day(s) of the week]

  • Add an additional Trigger

  • Ticket Time Slot -> Selection Is -> [select time slot(s)]

  • Check the box All of these must be true

  • This assures this action only fires if it is both the designated day(s) of the week and time slot(s)

  • Hide -> [select ticket level or merchandise items to hide]

Mix and match some of these actions to build ones that suit your needs.

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