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To assist your attendees with quick access to your event, this article


  • How Access Codes Work

  • Troubleshooting

  • How To Increase The Usage Limit

How Access Codes Work

After an attendee pays, they will be taken to a confirmation page. They will also receive a confirmation email with a summary of their order.

If the customer wants to return to the virtual event, they have two options for using their code.

Option #1 - They can click the link on the confirmation page (pictured above) or confirmation email (pictured below).

Option #2 - They can return to the ticketing page and plug in their access code.

👉 The access codes are limited to one IP address at a time. This will prevent the customer from sharing their access link or access codes with anyone else.


If an attendee receives an "invalid access code" message when trying to login to their virtual event

  • They may have typed the code incorrectly

  • Their access code has already been used in the last hour

Note: Access Codes whether typed in or link clicked- are locked to one use/IP address per hour.

How To Increase The Usage Limit

If you want to reset the access code so the attendee can reuse the code or use it more than once, there are two options:

  • Increase the token limit

  • Write into our customer solutions team to reset the code

Increase the useage limit

  1. Go into the page builder

  2. Select Basic Setup under your Settings dropdown

  3. Under Metadata Key fill in tokenConcurrencyLimit

  4. Under Metadata Value fill in 0 (this makes it unlimited access per access code)​

Or select the blue chat bubble to write into our customer solutions team so we can reset the access code for you!


Can two people use the same access code at the same time?

The code can only be used on one device at a time. For example, if a customer opens the link in their email, and then returns to their computer and opens the link there, it will say the code is in use because the phone already opened the link. They will want to view the content on the device where the link was opened. This is to help ensure customers don't share their codes/links with others who haven't paid.

  • Customer Solutions team can reset individual codes if you have paying customers running into issues with this limitation

  • Customer Solutions team can also turn off the one device per IP restriction (please note this change will open up the possibility of link sharing)

Note: The code does reset every hour, so if the registrant has not used their code in the last hour, then the next device they use their link on will work.

What if someone reports difficulty accessing the event?

  • Please confirm that the access code is correct by referencing the attendee's email confirmation

  • If it is, please contact customer solutions or reset the Access Code

  • It could be multi-use on different IP addresses

  • If you (as admin) tried to test out the code it would lock out the attendee and will need to be reset

  • If using Zoom, confirm Zoom doesn’t require a password

  • If the attendee has copied and pasted from TicketSpice it can sometimes pull in the word "tickets" so have them type in the URL instead

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