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How can I restrict my Zoom meeting to TicketSpice attendees only?
How can I restrict my Zoom meeting to TicketSpice attendees only?
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By default, Zoom allows their meeting links to be shared. So if you're using Zoom to host your virtual event, we recommend the following steps to limit attendance to the paying customers only.

Step One: Login to Zoom

Step Two: Under the Settings tab, enable the Waiting Room option.

Step Three: Select Edit Options. Then select Users who are not in your account and not part of the allowed domains.

Step Four: Enter the subdomain for your virtual event.

It will be formated

Note: If you're unsure of your subdomain, select Basic Setup in your page builder. The page URL will be listed here (pictured below) when you publish.

Step Five: Make sure that meeting passcodes are OFF

Great work! Now when a registrant joins the zoom meeting from their virtual event page, they will be granted immediate access.

And if someone tries to join the meeting via the zoom link without registering on the TicketSpice page, they will be put in the waiting room. So essentially the waiting room will function like a scam list, denying access unless you (the host) decide to override.

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