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Allow Attendees to Bypass Zoom's Waiting Room
Allow Attendees to Bypass Zoom's Waiting Room
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Zoom recently implemented a waiting room feature as a security measure for their users. Practically, this requires the host to add attendees to the meeting, which may not be an ideal flow if using Zoom to host a Virtual Event. But don't worry! A great solution is to add your TicketSpice domain to Zoom's allowed domain's list, permitting your attendee's immediate access.

Set Up

  • Login to Zoom

  • Select Settings

  • Enable the waiting room - Note: This may be automatically enabled by Zoom at set up

  • Select Edit Options

  • Select Users who are not in your account and not part of the allowed domains

  • Add * to the list

  • Save your changes

Well done! Now your attendees won't be kept waiting when they access your virtual event.

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