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Purchase Protection is not an insurance policy. Purchase Protection is a service that gives your attendees a full refund of their event fees should unforeseen circumstances prevent them from attending your event, such as death, health emergencies, crime, transportation failure and more. 

Refunds are paid to the attendees from Purchase Protection, not you the event organizer. Purchase Protection does not cover event organizers should the event be canceled or rescheduled. 

Be sure to read and understand the full terms & services prior to utilizing the feature. 

Purchase Protection is popular for event organizers for the following reasons:

  • Increased conversion rate of attendees through increased peace of mind knowing they can get a full refund of their fees should an unforeseen circumstance prevent them from attending 

  • Stricter Organizer Refund Policies: Since attendees can upgrade their registration to get a refund for specific circumstances, you can enforce a tighter refund policy.

  • Double Selling A Ticket: Since the event organizer does not pay out refunds for valid claims, that means event organizers can sell the same spot twice. 

This article will cover: 

  • How Purchase Protection Works

  • Setup

  • Claims Process for Attendees

  • FAQs 

How Purchase Protection Works

Purchase Protection is an add-on for your ticketing page and calculates a fee based on the billing amount. This fee is charged separately from your ticket dues and is paid directly to Purchase Protection who is responsible for paying refunds to attendees with valid claims. 

Attendees are issued a trackable reference which they use to submit a claim should they encounter unforeseen circumstances. To submit a claim, attendees will be required to upload documentation to substantiate their claim.

Valid claims are paid out from Purchase Protection directly to the attendees at the end of the month via check. Purchase Protection will also void the registrations of attendees who receive refunds so they cannot share with friends for entry into your event.


Purchase Protection is available as a layout item. Put your mouse where you want it to appear. Purchase Protection is best when placed at the bottom of the ticketing page but above the billing section. Here is how to add Purchase Protection to your page. 

Below is how your attendees will see and interact with Purchase Protection on your ticketing page. 

Claims Process For Attendees

Attendees who encounter an unforeseen circumstance that prevents them from attending your event can file a claim at and select claims. Attendees should review the full terms and conditions to see if their circumstance falls into acceptable circumstances and be prepared to supply the appropriate documentation. 

Upon receipt of a claim, the team at Purchase Protection will review the submission and provide a response within 10 business days. Approved claims will receive a refund for the amount of their ticket fees and taxes, minus any charitable donations or merchandise in the form of a check.


Is there any fee to use Purchase Protection?
No, Purchase Protection is free to offer to your attendees. They pay a small one time fee to protect their event registration. 

Who pays the refund?
Purchase Protection reimburses any attendees who files a valid claim. The event organizer does not have to pay these refunds. 

How does Purchase Protection collect the fee?
Attendees who enroll in Purchase Protection will have their card charged immediately after successfully paying for your event. This appears on their credit card statement as

Does Purchase Protection cover the event organizer should the event be rescheduled or canceled?
No, Purchase Protection is only for attendees. If the event organizer cancels an event and issues a refund to attendees, attendees may be eligible to receive a refund of the Purchase Protection Fee but not the ticket price paid for the event.

Can attendees enroll in Purchase Protection after they register?
No, attendees must enroll in Purchase Protection at the time of registration and cannot be upgraded later. 

What is the deadline for a registrant to file a claim?
Attendees who have a valid claim must submit their claim within 48 hour after the event occurs. 

Is Purchase Protection available for attendees paying with offline payment methods?
No, Purchase Protection is only offered to attendees who pay with credit card payments.

Is Purchase Protection available for waitlisted registrants?

No, Purchase Protection is only available to registrants with a completed status at the time they submit their order. 

What happens when an attendee order is refunded?
For attendees with valid claims, the Purchase Protection team will void the order so their ticket(s) are not valid for entry. 

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