It is common to add a convenience (processing) fee to your page to cover your credit card fees. There are two ways to do this on a TicketSpice page: a ticket fee or an order fee. 

Ticket Fee 

Click Edit Ticket Information to open ticket settings.

Set your fee (or fees) here. 

You can set a dollar amount or percentage, it will calculate per ticket selected. 

To remove the fee from the page, hide it under Advanced Options. 

It's enabled by default. 

Order Fee 

Add a line item field to your page. 

Note: This field is plugged in my default when you select a template. So if you're already seeing it there, simply click the pencil to edit. 

Label it to match your preference. Then set the fee (or fees) at whatever amount you'd like to charge.

If you'd like the percentage to only calculate on certain fields, you can add that under advanced options. 

Note: This is the ideal way to add a sales tax (or GST) 

Now the fee will be added to the total prior to check out. 


Does TicketSpice keep a portion of this fee?

Nope! You keep 100% of this fee and you can set it to any amount. It simply tacks on to the total so you can cover your cost. 

What fee should I set to cover the cost of using TicketSpice?

TicketSpice is $0.99/ticket + 2.99% (if you're using WePay). But remember, the fees are charged to the total sent to the gateway. So you will want to adjust your numbers slightly to cover your costs completely. 

How is the fee handled when I give a customer a 100% off coupon?

If the fee field is below the coupon code box, it will still be charged. If you'd like to comp the fee, simply move the field above the coupon code box. OR you can set an action to hide the fee when a valid coupon is applied. 

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