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How To Create Free Tickets In TicketSpice

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In this Help Article you will learn how to create free tickets for your event. In TicketSpice, discounted and free tickets are created using Coupons.

In your Page Builder, select the Coupons at the top of the page

Select the New Coupon button

Enter the description for the free ticket

This is a required field, simply add a brief reason for the Coupon in the field.

Create a Code for the coupon

Create a code that you will give to attendees so they can redeem their free tickets.

Please note: Codes are not case sensitive. If you enter in a coupon code with uppercase letters the system will be automatically transform them to lowercase letters.

Enter the 100% discount for the coupon in the discount field

Select the dollar sign icon, a dropdown will appear, and toggle to the % icon so that the discount is in percentage and not dollars. Then type 100 in the discount field.

It will look like this:

Next you want to decide if the Discount is applied per order or per ticket.

If you select per ticket, then the discount will be applied to each ticket in the order. If you select per order, then the discount will be applied to the entire order, regardless of the number of tickets in the order.

Enter the Usage Limit

Usage Limit means the number of times that this Coupon code can be used. If you leave it blank, then the Coupon can be used an unlimited number of times. If you want it to be used for a set time then enter that number in the field.

Select the Save button to save your Coupon.

Pro Tip: Always test out your coupon using our Preview Mode to make sure that the Coupon is applied correctly. Click here to learn more on how Preview Mode works.

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Can I add an expiration date?

You can select the gear icon to set an Expiration Date.

Can I set it so only a specific Ticket Level receives the discount?

You can select the gear icon and select the specific ticket levels that the discount should apply to.

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