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How do I process payments outside the US and Canada in other currencies?
How do I process payments outside the US and Canada in other currencies?

Which currencies does TicketSpice support for processing payments for events?

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If you are hosting an event outside the USA or Canada and need to process payments in a local currency, you will need to first make sure TicketSpice supports that currency, and second, choose a payment processor that will process payments in the currency you want.

Note: Our preferred payment processor Wepay can process payments either in USD or CAD and will accept credit card transactions from attendees in other countries and will convert their payments into either USD or CAD. This guide is to help you sell tickets in currencies outside the US and Canada.

Currencies Currently Supported in TicketSpice

The following are the currencies that are supported on a TicketSpice page.

USD: United States Dollar

CAD: Canadian Dollar

AUD: Australian Dollar

CHF: Swiss Franc

CNY: Chinese Yuan

EURO: European Union

GBP: British Pound

JPY: Japanese Yen

MXN: Mexican Peso

NZD: New Zealand Dollar

SGD: Singapore Dollar

BRL: Brazilian Real

NOK: Norwegian Krone

SEK: Swedish Krona

Important: Each ticketing page is limited to one currency at a time and you cannot process payments in multiple currencies on the same page. You can enable separate pages with separate currencies if you need to accept more than one currency for your event.

Payment Processing with Currencies

If your desired currency is found above, you will need to choose a compatible payment processor that can process payments in that local currency. Wepay (our preferred partner) processes event payments in USD or CAD.

For processing payments outside the US and Canada, a popular option is Stripe which supports over 100 different currencies. Review Stripe's compatible currencies and the supported TicketSpice currencies before going live for your event.

Please review the list found here for compatible payment processors with TicketSpice and explore if your desired currency is supported with a particular processor.

Are all features supported for international currencies?

Certain features are not compatible with processing requirements in certain countries.

The following features offer limited availability based upon currency and may not be available if processing in GBP, EURO, SEK or NOK:

  • Pre-registration

  • Order upgrades

  • Box Office On-site sales

  • Membership

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