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TicketSpice Getting Started Checklist
TicketSpice Getting Started Checklist

How To Setup An Event in TicketSpice

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In this Help Article you will learn how to setup your TicketSpice Event Page.

Launch Guide Videos

We have short videos that can help walk you through getting started with TicketSpice. Click here to watch our Launch Guide Videos.

Build Your Event Page

Make sure you have completed the following steps on your TicketSpice before you go live:


  • Click here to learn how to design your page,

  • Click here to edit your fields on your Event Page,

  • Adding your Logo,

  • Make sure the main image that reflects your Event.

  • Add a paragraph that describes your Who, What, Where, Why, and When, and

  • Click here to Preview your Event Page as you build it.

Add Your Event Page Elements

  • Click here to set the start and end date for your event,

  • Click here to learn how to Edit your fields on your page,

  • Click here to learn how to add any Merchandise you would like to sell,

  • Click here to create coupons if you need them,

  • Click here to learn how to edit your Confirmation Page, and

  • Click here to customize your Email Confirmation.

Social Media and Tracking

  • Click here to learn how to customize your Social Media Post,

  • Click here to learn how to setup Conversion Tracking (Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Google Tag Manager).

Your Payment Processor

  • Determine which Processor works for you. Click here to learn more.

  • Click here to learn how to add a Payment Processor,

  • Click here to learn how to Verify Payment Processor, and

  • Click here to test your Payment Processor.


  • Add people to help Manage your Event, by clicking here.


  • Finish final edits, click here to learn how to Publish and go live!

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