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How Can I Create A Single Use Gift Card in TicketSpice?

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Allow attendees to buy single-use gift cards to your event that can be redeemed for purchase of tickets

Select Vouchers from your builder menu.

Customize the settings

The description and instructions are pre-filled to get you started. Save and publish.

Please note: if you don't want to require a Voucher, disable the Required field by toggling the the Yes field to No.

Now your attendees can add a voucher (or two) to their Order.

The voucher will be sent to the e-mail address entered. If the attendee wants it sent to themselves, have them put their own e-mail in the field.

The total of the voucher will be added to the Order's total.

The voucher recipient will receive an e-mail with instructions for redeeming their gift.

The voucher purchaser will see the record on their receipt. They will receive a Voucher Code that they will copy and add in the Coupon Code Field to receive the discount.

If you'd like to give your Attendees the option to ONLY purchase a voucher, without registering for the event, first add it as one of your Ticket Levels.

Then set up this action -

Under HIDE, select any any fields you don't want someone to complete if all they want to do is purchase a voucher.


Can they apply the voucher code to any Ticket Level?

The voucher can be applied to Ticket Level greater or less than the value, but it's only good for one use.

What if I refund a purchase made with a voucher?

You can issue a full or partial refund to the attendee who purchased the voucher. It will not automatically impact the attendee who redeemed the voucher. If you'd like to cancel both, then you can cancel each order separately.

Can my customers use a voucher on any page?

Vouchers are designated to be used on the page where the original purchase was made, but each voucher can be edited and made global manually.

What if the voucher recipient doesn't receive (or accidentally deletes) the e-mail?

The voucher is still valid, even if they didn't receive the e-mail. You can always reference back to the order to find the voucher code. You can also find a record of all the vouchers purchased in your coupon section.

What if the full amount of the voucher wasn't used?

Currently, these are single-use codes and do not support a running balance. These are great option for helping cover the exact amount of a ticket. In instances where you would like to allow the customer to use the remaining amount, you can edit the coupon and change the usage limit to 2 to allow them to use that voucher code again.

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