How Can I Create A Socially Distant Seating Option With Reserved Seating?

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In this article you will learn how to create a socially distanced option using our Reserved Seating platform. Pods are a new element that allows you as the event organizer to sell blocks of tickets in a single transaction.

Getting Started

Before you start, we recommend that you have a layout of your venue (with the tables and number of seats as a reference.

Create a New Page.

Add your event details and select Reserved Seating As Your Event Type.

Add your logo and choose a template.

This will get you started on customizing your sales page to match your branding. Don't worry, you can always update these selections later.

Select Create A New Venue.

Once you've completed your venue, it will be saved for you to ticket all your events.

Name Your Venue.

Select the Pods element.

Name your Pod.

Select the plus sign and Give your Pod a name and set the number of seats available in the Pod and select Add Pod to add the Pod to the venue.

Click and drag to arrange the Pods and other seating elements in the way you'd like.

Editing a Pod

Select the pencil icon to make edits to a Pod.

The pencil icon allows you to edit the following in your Pod:

  1. Pod: Pod Name,

  2. Max Capacity: Number of seats in the Pod,

  3. Seat Type: Accessible or Obstructed

  4. Seat Views: Upload an image to show the Pod View to the stage,

  5. Rotation: Slider that rotates the Pod.

  1. Trashcan: Delete the Pod

  2. Pages: Duplicate the Pod

Pro Tip: make sure to commit your changes by Saving periodically as you build your venue.

Delete a Pod

To delete a Pod select the Trash Can icon to remove it from your layout.

Click the "Yes, Delete It!" button to complete the step

Duplicate a Pod

Select the Copy icon to duplicate a Pod.

Select and drag the New Pod to the place you'd like and edit the Pod to give it a name.

Pricing Tiers

Next, you'll want to set your pricing tiers for all of the Pods.

Please Note: When you add prices to your Pricing Tiers the system will calculate your tickets per seat in the Pod. For example, if you have five seats in a Pod and you want to charge $100 for each pod, you should set the price to $20.

Select Pricing Tiers at the top of the page

Select the Add Tier button.

Select the Pencil Icon to edit the Price Tier Name and renaming Tier what you would like it to be, then select OK.

To assign the Pods to that price, make sure the Price Tier is highlighted and select the Pod to assign the Tier to that Pod.

Save your changes and then go back to the Page Builder and select Edit Pricing to add prices to your Tiers.

Final Steps

Finalize your venue by creating your setting your selling order and Publishing your page. These steps are outlined in detail here:

Customer View

Once you save and publish your changes, this is what your attendees will see when they come to your page:

You'll see that the customers are only able to select all the seats in a Pod:


Can I change the shape of the Pods?

Currently, Pods are in a square/rectangle layout.

Why can't I see my Pods in Preview?

Currently you can’t preview Pods in venue Preview.

Can I see see Seat View with Pods?

Currently Seat View isn't compatible with Pods.

Is there a limit to the number of Pods you can have in a Reserved Seating Venue?

Pods have a 1000 Pod limit.

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