Seat Holds allow you to set aside seating for any individual or group. 

Select Seat Holds at the top of the builder

Select Add Hold

Name Your Hold

Choose If You Want To Pool Your Seat Hold

When checked, you allow customers to select however many seats they want within the Seat Hold. If unchecked, customers will be purchasing all the seats in the seat hold at once.

Enter A Hold Code: TicketSpice auto-generates a Hold code, but you can customize it to whatever you like.

Visible: Decide if you want your hold to be visible to the public. If you select that the Hold is visible, you can add a message that will display to the public.

This is how the message displays on the live page:

Select Hold Release Date: Set the date to release your code. Save your options.

Select seats to assign them a hold, seats selected will turn a color of the Seat Hold

Once highlighted, save your changes.

Note: Once you leave the Seat Hold menu, your Seat Holds won't show in the Builder, but they are still there.

Set The Price of Your Seat Hold

Once saved, you'll want to go back to your page builder and add pricing to your Seat Holds. 

Select Edit Seat Hold Pricing

Enter Your Pricing

Redeeming Seat Holds

Go to Your Ticketing Page and Select Enter Seat Code

Select Your Tickets

If you left Pool Code unchecked you will be able to select individual seats like so... 

Select Continue to Checkout

Enter Your Payment Details and Click Submit

Releasing Seat Holds

Go to your venue in your campaign and select Seat Holds

Select the trash can icon on the Hold you want to release

Confirm that you want to delete the hold

And your Seat Hold is released. Save and republish your changes.


How Can I Add A Seat Hold To A General Admission Section?

You can add a Seat Hold like above, but the whole General Admission section has to be held.

If a specific number of General Admission seats need a held, you will need to setup a separate General Admission section.

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