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You can use the Reserved Seating feature to sell tickets to a table layout. This is ideal for Banquets, Galas, Luncheons, or Dinner Theaters. 

Getting Started

Before you begin, have the seating chart for your venue (with the tables and number of seats) ready to reference.

Create a New Page.

Plug in your event details. Select Reserved Seating As Your Event Type.

Add your logo and choose a template.

This will get you started on customizing your sales page to match your branding. Don't worry, you can always update these selections later. 

Select Create A New Venue.

Once you've perfected your venue, it will be saved for you to ticket all your events.  

Name Your Venue.

Select the Table element.

Name your Table.

Give your table a specified name and set the number of seats available at that table.

Click and drag the table to reposition it in the venue layout.

Editing a Table

Select the pencil icon to made edits to a table.

Add a Seat View

Upload an image of the stage from this table

Delete a Table

Select the Trash Can icon to remove a table from your layout.

Click the "Yes, Delete It!" button to complete the step

Duplicate a Table

Select the Copy icon to duplicate a table

Click and drag the New Table to reposition it and edit the table to give it a name.

Purchasing Seats

Once you save and publish your changes, your customers will be able to select their seats and pay.


How can a customer purchase an entire table?

They will need to select each seat within the table in order to purchase the entire table.

Is it possible to manually resize tables?

This cannot be done manually. The table size is automated based on the amount of seats at the table.

Is there a limit to the number of Tables you can have in a Reserved Seating Venue?

There's a 300 Table limit.

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