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We are so excited to introduce Reserved Seating functionality! In this article, we will walk you through the on-boarding process for setting up your Reserved Seating Page. 

Getting Started 

Before you begin, have the seating chart for your venue (with the rows and seats clearly labeled) ready to reference. 

Create a New Page.

Plug in your event details. Select Reserved Seating As Your Event Type.

Add your logo and choose a template.

This will get you started on customizing your sales page to match your branding. Don't worry, you can always update these selections later. 

Select Create A New Venue.

Once you've perfected your venue, it will be saved for you to ticket all your events.  

Reserved Seating Builder Overview

Note: Make sure to save your progress every 5 minutes or any time a major change is made. This just ensures all changes are solidified before a time out session occurs.

Seating Chart: Home base for building your venue.

Pricing Tiers: Set up different pricing levels for different sections in your venue. 

Selling Order: Predetermine your selling order for your ticket buyers. 

Seat Holds: Reserve portions of your venue that can't be sold to the general public. 

Preview: See how your venue will look on the live page. 

( + ) : Add and customize venue elements. 


Can I use this feature for banquet seating?

Yes! We have the option to ticket a venue or a table set up.  

Can I have a venue that's part Reserved Seating and part General Admission? 

Yes, we have this functionality. 

Can I have season tickets? 

We don't currently have this functionality. 

Can I host multiple events on one page? 

Each page would be a single event/date. Multiple showings would need be hosted on separate pages, which can be accomplished by copying a finished page.

Can I use the same features of a standard TicketSpice page with Reserved Seating?  

Actions (conditional logic) is not currently available for reserved seating pages.

I am receiving an error that says "Your layout must have a focal point selected. Edit the seating chart to select a focal point." Why?

Reserved Seating layouts need a "focal point" to know which seats to sell first if the Best Available option is chosen. Create a Polygon Shape as a stage on your venue and you'll be good to go.

Is there a limit to the number of Tables, Pods, Sections Seats you can have in a Reserved Seating Venue?

  • Sections: 200 limit.

  • Stages: 100 limit.

  • General Admission: 100 limit.

  • Tables: 300 limit.

  • Pods: 1000 limit.

How Many Seats Can Be In A Section?

A maximum of 10,000. One hundred rows with one hundred seats each.

How Can I Edit A Reserved Seating Order?

Reserved Seating orders can’t be edited but can be cancelled. You can cancel the order, issue a voucher to re-register and re-registered for new seats. This has to be completed by the Event Organizer click here on how to do that.

How Do Coupons Work With Reserved Seating?

Coupon codes cannot be applied to specific seats or sections in a Reserved Seating page. They can only be applied to fields outside of the seating chart.

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