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How To Pass On All Fees To Your Buyers
How To Pass On All Fees To Your Buyers

This feature allows you to receive the face value of your tickets and pass on the payment processing and Ticketspice fees to buyers.

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By default, a standard TicketSpice page lets you control all pricing and fees. You can add as many fees on the ticketing page as you like and keep all of it. We'll just charge you our flat 99 cents a ticket + payment processing fees. This is great for most as it allows the event organizer to set and mark up all the fees and keep the difference.

We now have an alternative way for those using Webconnex Payments by Wepay. This new feature calculates all applicable fees on the ticketing page and passes them on to your buyer.

The result is you get the face value of the ticket order. For example, if you sell a $100 ticket, the system will calculate the payment processing fees and TicketSpice fees and you will get a deposit of $100.

This feature will make some bookkeepers happy in reconciling ticket revenue in face value amounts rather than after payment processing amounts.

** At the bottom of this article, we provide an example of the calculations with and without this feature enabled.

Enabling this feature takes just a few clicks.

Step 1: Edit the page you want to enable this feature on.

Step 2: Click the settings tab

Step 3: Enable the checkbox that reads, "Calculate and Pass on Fees to Customer"

Step 4: Save and Publish.

Here is a screen recording of how to enable it and how it appears for your buyers.

There are 3 important notes on this feature at this time.

1: This is only compatible with Webconnex Payments by Wepay as they allow us to subtract fees from the transaction directly. If you are using your own payment processor, this feature will charge the buyer more, but the full transaction amount will go to you and we will not be able to provide deposits net of fees.

2: When this feature is turned on, you will receive a deposit in the amount of the face value amount of whatever is available on the page. If you want to add additional fees and markups, you receive those amounts in full.

3: In order to reliably issue face value deposits across all uses of TicketSpice including donations, merchandise, and coupons, the payment processing fee is increased by .5% to properly cover every scenario and calculation.

Example Calculations

First, here is how the math works for a standard ticketing page for 2 tickets at $25 each:

Standard Page

Customer is Charged

Net Deposit After Fees

2 Tickets at $25 Each



The customer is charged $50 for the face value of the tickets. You receive $46.53 after 2.99% payment process fee and 2 x $0.99 cents TicketSpice fee.

Now, here is an example with Calculate and Pass on Fees turned ON which automatically increases the order total for buyers.

With Fee Feature Enabled

Customer is Charged

Net Deposit After Fees

2 Tickets at $25 Each



The customer is charged $53.73 after fees are calculated and added to the page. You receive the face value of the 2 x $25 tickets for $50. The payment processor removes 3.5% + 2 x $0.99 cents for a total of $3.73 in total fees.


What if our ticket price is less than $5?

This feature will add $0.99 + 3.5% no matter the price of the ticket.

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