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Year End Statements

Tax deductible receipts

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In this Help Article you will learn how to Send Out Year End Statements for your Donation Tickets.

Note: this feature is currently only available for customers processing in USD.

Year-end tax statements can be emailed to donors quickly and easily. You are also able to individually download statements for each donor.

Getting Started

Select Send Year End Statements from your Extras dropdown.

Select the year.

Optional: Select details to view specifics for each Donor's giving statement.

When you're ready to send out the statements, select Send Statements.

Year End Statement Templates

You can load your template from prior years, or you can plug in specific details for this year.

We have also created a template for you to use. Simply plug in your Organization's information.

Preview and send.

Once all have been sent, you will receive a confirmation email.

Download Individual Statements

To download an individual statement, select Details for the Donor.

Select this button to download.


Are donations collected via TicketSpice automatically recorded as tax deductible?


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