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Restrict Your External Livestream Content To Be Exclusive To Ticketholders
Restrict Your External Livestream Content To Be Exclusive To Ticketholders

If you don't want your video to be watched or shared outside your virtual event, you need to choose the right provider and know the settings

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If you are charging for a livestream, the most important thing you can do is make sure that it is only viewable to valid ticket holders. The best way to make your ticketbuyers mad is to charge them for something hundreds of others got for free.

Please note - YouTube does NOT permit you to restrict your video to only ticket holders. Youtube works really hard to get your viewers onto On your embedded livestream from Youtube, there will be links in the title, watermark and sharing controls which will expose the YouTube URL for the video -- thus making it easy to share with non ticketholders. Therefore, we do not recommend Youtube for anyone selling tickets to access a livestream or video.

In this help article, we will walk you through which providers we know of that will properly restrict the video as well as how to set it.

All you'll you need to set this up is to know your TicketSpice subdomain - ex:

Solution #1: Vimeo

Vimeo is a leader in livestream videos. They offer the ability to customize your branding on the player and customize the experience. Most importantly, they permit you to set privacy controls so that your livestream is only viewable inside your virtual event. The only downside to Vimeo is the cost - around $79 per month.

To set this up, following these steps.

1: Create a new livestream or edit a scheduled one.

2: Go to the first tab of the settings. You’ll see an option for “who can watch this event” – you will want to set that to “only people with the private link”

3: After choosing "only people with the private link", an additional option will appear for “where can this event be embedded” – you then choose “only on sites I choose”

4: After choosing "only on sites I choose", paste in your custom TicketSpice domain (ex: Hit save and make sure the domain is listed below.

Now your vimeo video will only be viewable to ticketholders who access your virtual event.

Note: With this setup, you won't see the video play in the Virtual Event Preview Mode, because that is hosted on a different domain. However, it will work as intended on the live page.

Solution #2: Dacast

Dacast is a solid provider for livestream videos and on demand content. Similar to vimeo, Dacast allows you controls over the player and branding to be fully customized. They also permit you to restrict which domains your video can be played on. In Dacast, they call this referrer restrictions.

You can read / watch a tutorial on setting up these restrictions for Dacast here.

To set this up go through the following steps.

1: In your Dacast dashboard, click on the left side on preferences and then choose video security.

2: On the right side, there is a block to set Referrer Groups. This determines which websites are approved to view the video. Hit the Plus button to create a new referrer group.

3: Name the Referrer group - such as TicketSpice Virtual Event. Then in the Referrers List, paste in your TicketSpice domain (ex: Then hit save to finish.

4: When creating a new video, review the publish settings and make sure ther Referrer Group is selected to TicketSpice Virtual Event. That ensures your video is only viewable in your TicketSpice's virtual event area.

Now your video or livestream is restricted to only ticketholders inside your virtual event.

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