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Host Your Event With TicketSpice And YouTube Live
Host Your Event With TicketSpice And YouTube Live
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To assist you in getting your event online as quickly as possible, we have put together the steps for some of our favorite resources. This article will cover the basics of livestreaming with YouTube Live.

YouTube Live is a good option for you if...

  • You're looking for a free option

  • You want to schedule a widely-accessible (many devices, many ways to view) livestream

  • You have 10k+ subscribers on the YouTube platform - this is a requirement to livestream from mobile

Note: YouTube is a video hosting software. You will need a separate account to utilize their platform.

Set Up

Setting up a livestream from your YouTube account is fast and easy.

  • Begin here

  • Select Create in the top, right of your screen

  • Select GoLive (this will present the steps to schedule a livestream)

The easiest way to stream online is using your Webcam.

  • Title your livestream

  • Change Public to Unlisted (this will limit viewing to only those who have access to this link)

  • Schedule livestream for a later date

  • Define your viewing audience if your material is not suitable for kids.

Select More Options if you want to change your video content category or other advanced settings.

  • Select Next

  • Take and save a thumbnail image for your video placeholder

  • Stream Preview and Share

  • Double check all your live stream settings in your Stream Preview

  • Select Share and copy your Youtube URL

  • Open your TicketSpice Virtual Event page in your page builder

  • Paste your Youtube URL in Digital Access link field.


Where can I get additional support with my YouTube account?

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